More and More People Are Injured by the Use of Mobile

There are fines if using your phone while driving, but what about when you walk around in traffic?

In Denmark goes the warning most on how dangerous it can be, to talk on the phone while driving. Which at the end of the year also meant an increase in the price of the fine.

But in the United States beats American experts now alarm for a new growing problem. People who get treated when they write on the phone, switch songs or anything else.

An example of what could be than dramatic was a young man who was caught by a surveillance camera at a train station in Philadelphia. He suddenly lost balance and crashed down on the train tracks. To his great luck getting there no train, otherwise could have had a fatal accident. You can watch the video and read more at our site.

In the United States, the number of injured pedestrians for the past seven years has increased it four times, however, there are no statistics showing how many have lost their lives due to electronics, but the experts are not in doubt.

-“We are now in the same place as we were with the use of mobile phones in cars 10 years ago. We knew it was a problem, but we had no figures on how bad it was, “says Jonathan Akins, Chief of the State traffic safety in the United States, to the Associated Press.

A study shows that last year in the United States was 1152 persons who were treated in the Emergency Department for injuries they had contracted after playing with your phone or similar while they walked around in public spaces.

The authorities are perplexed

Despite this increase of accidents, so the authorities are perplexed and do not know how to come to grips with the problem. Several States have tried it with promotions and signs to warn the absent-minded pedestrians.

In Philadelphia, there was also, as an april fools ‘ day, created a “Special Court” on a busy sidewalk, where only inattentive pedestrians had to reside. However, there were many who did not perceived it as a joke.

-“The sad thing was that we had people who were angry when it dawned on them that we would remove the pitch, because they think it was really convenient that there weren’t people who stood in their way, when they sms’ede and walked at the same time,” said Rina Cutler, who is responsible for parts of the journey in the city.