Modern Day Dresses

This season day dresses are the protagonists of all look, whether casual, elegant or holiday, the trend is marked by floral prints, bright colors or bold textures, so we show some models in dresses of day you choose your favorite.

Plus Size Dress with Stripes

According to gametate, this plus size dress is perfect to wear on any occasion, going to the movies, a cocktail or for an appointment, their colors are ideal to wear this season, also you can combine with high heels, sandals or some flats to go more comfortable.

Smock dress

It is a very comfortable and cool for those hot days dress, usually very short for the more daring girls but if you want to wear this type of dress, you can combine it with some tights or leggings, this dress is perfect for all occasions.

Sailor dress

The combination of white and blue colors is very fashionable, especially in summer and can look at this sailor dress is perfect for showing off a weekend casual dress, you can wear casually or use some accessories to give a more formal touch.

Bicolor dress

The neon colors are very fashionable and this season and can combine with sober tone as black, an example is this dress bicolor, it can be ideal for a more formal look, as if to go to the office or an important meal.

Dressed in frilly

If you want a sober, modern and elegant for a party or meeting day dress, this dress with ruffles it is perfect, especially if you want to highlight your figure, so you can use for a day at the office but you can change the color for gray or navy.

White dress

Just as the black dress should never miss in your wardrobe, white dress can not be the exception, especially in this season, as it is a very cool color that can be combined with all colors, you can give a different touch using some belt or other accessory.

Flowered dress

They are short or long, flowery dresses perfect for daytime wear them, they are of great variety, from casual to elegant dresses others, but they are a basic that can not miss in your wardrobe this season.

Lace Dress

The elegance that gives texture lace dresses are very fashionable, so do not miss the opportunity to have a lace dress, you can wear casually or wear heels and stylish accessories for a more formal touch.

Dress with polka dots

Moles are part of the prints that will be present this summer and can look from a blouse to a dress, the ideal is to use, dressed in dark colors with light spots or vice versa can also combine them with accessories in neon shades.

Ethnic dress

They are comfortable, modern and fresh, are ideal to wear casually, to go for a walk, to the movies, or just see modern, this type of clothing is perfect to carry with sandals or if you like heels, also you can combine .

Dress Holgado

There is nothing more comfortable to wear a loose-fitting dress, the best of this kind of dresses is that you can give an elegant or casual touch according to accessories you use, hairstyle and shoes, and of course the occasion.

This spring summer season is perfect to show off dresses, if you have them stored in the closet it is time to release them. Remember that you do not have to look like a doll with them, you can give your personal touch and show off your style.