Models of Women’s Wallets from Fasolo

The Fasolo is one of the leading brands in leather products in the country, especially when the subject is quality portfolios. Specializing in items for the male audience, now the brand is gaining more prominence with parts for women by investing in modern design and according to the main fashion trends. See in detail the line Carolina Fasolo, prepared only for the creation of women’s wallets:

The portfolio is also a kind of accessory for the woman, although it is usually inside the bag, no one likes to take in hand a ugly portfolio time to pay a Bill. That’s why increasingly invests in innovative design and following the trends also for that item. Getting into this wave Fasolo also began producing gorgeous models for women who pay attention in every detail, creating thus the Carolina Fasolo.

Basic Modeling Portfolios

There are several options for models that the Fasolo has been producing for women, of the most basic to the most elaborate. Some people like small portfolio that fits in any bag, regardless of size, just accommodating the need, such as documents, money and cards. In this style the Fasolo brings leather options in neutrals such as black, Brown and beige, with zipper closure for all around, but there are also models just closed by buttoning or buckle.

Wallets With Differentiated Design

Now, if you seek a differentiated model, more flashy and with personality, Fasolo also has wider portfolios and options with lots of details, including prints of the moment, like the animal prints of Leopard and snake. Such portfolios, many times, can even be used alone, replacing the bag, but that in cases when you go to an environment where the pouch is disposable and must take only the essentials.

Details That Make The Difference

Women’s wallets Fasolo’s attention by finishing and whim in the details. Since the seams until the choice of metals used in zippers, buckles and buttons, everything is thought to ensure the high quality of products. What makes the wallets of differentiated Fasolo are also the details in the design and decorations. It is possible to find models with metal studs and embroidery. In addition, the material that is used for the production of the play is also of high level, always investing quality leathers.