Models of Women’s Shoes with Sheat and Dress (Modern Looks)

For you woman the Puma women’s sneaker offers not only beauty and modern design, but also much comfort and convenience for your day to day activities.

A brand that is already known and recognized in many countries around the world, offers everything that women need good shoes to withstand strong impacts, offering models that appeal to different tastes and styles.

There are many models, with cuttings and cutouts innovative, modern and interesting, different colors, which allow you a wide choice.

So be it for your walks, races, aerobic exercises, or even for your day to day, your walks, or for work, more than a beautiful sneaker, you will find reliability, durability and practicality in Puma sneakers.

Bringing the puma’s design as a trademark, the brand still offers good prices and quality that can be found in many stores across the country and if you prefer online shopping at virtual stores like NetShoes, Mercado Livre, Dafiti, and other stores, you will ensure good prices, good payment conditions and quality assurance.

Wearing sneakers

Picture 2 – If you are a modern woman and who likes to always be well dressed, with style, charm and modernity, you certainly saw how fashionable and turned trend to wear sneakers and dress, but if you happen to be for tips on how to use, here you will have beautiful inspirations, starting with these below.

Picture 3 – In the image below there are four good tips on how to use different models of skirts with sporty and sneakers, the first two in soft models in voile and silk, the other two in the pencil model in mesh and leather with Adidas colored shoes, slip on, gray Adidas sneakers and a Nike sporty.

Picture 4 – The pencil skirts are being used superbly, both in looks in the social style as well as in stylish looks for day to day style, as these looks below, all beautiful and inspiring, with printed pencil skirt and two colored models in shades of orange, with white sneakers and a colorful, super cute.

Picture 5 – More a few tips of looks matching high waist pencil skirts and very tight knit that are super trendy, and women are wearing a lot, combined with white sneakers and a colorful sports match with the shirt, the other two with blouses and a leather jacket with a little watering can.

Picture 6 – Here are four beautiful looks full of inspiration and modernity, with style and charm, combining different models of sneakers, All Star, Sneaker, and Vans sneakers, with short short skirts in colorful and bright ethnic prints, and with two short models and small wheels, were very beautiful.

Picture 7 – A funky look now perfect for day-to-day fun-loving young girls who like to leave with style, a perfect look to go out with friends, combining a basic white t-shirt with print and a green jeans short skirt , cardigan tied at the waist and a beautiful tennis Vans combo.

Picture 8 – A super stylish social look that combined with the sneakers was super cool and differentiated, combining a white tank top inside the black skirt in the black midi model matching the black leather jacket and the white Adias sneakers with a colored bag giving prominence, matching with the necklace.

Picture 9 – For those who like distinct looks and full of style, this below is in this style, combining a basic white regatinha with high waist skirt black striped pencil with neon green, and a striped Nike blue and white sneakers, stayed cool.

The pencil skirts are super used with sneakers

Image 11 – These looks are with different models of skirts that are fashionable combined with Slip On style sneakers, black pencil skirt with retro high waist jeans, and the third model in the evasé style with the sloping frills, cool, and the sneakers matched perfectly.

Image 12 – Four more pretty looks to inspire girls fashionistas who like to dress well and with style, all perfect for several different occasions, combining short skirts or round, with high-top sneakers or different sports models, all very Gorgeous even.

Picture 13 – These are also very cool, there are tennis shoes that really match everything, and these below perfectly match the looks, with not so short waist high waist well rounded print, and the last with pleated midi skirt, they were very cool, full of devastation.

Picture 14 – This look below is a fine example of a modern look in all the pieces and accessories, combining a well-cut white cropped with black print, a black leather waist high pencil skirt very well, jaquetinha jeans with embroidery, and a All Star White shoes to match perfectly.

Picture 15 – Here’s another inspirational look tip full of modernity and style, combining a discreet well-laced t-shirt tied over the pencil skirt in a very modern and striking tropical print with a white All Star sneaker to close with the golden key.

So bet on your comfort, as this is what Puma has been striving to offer you since its inception, after all, you care about your comfort and well-being.

Tennis and dress how to wear

Picture 17 – Now looks tips combining dresses and sneakers to inspire modern women who look for tips and inspirations of looks in this style, combining here models of dresses that are super fashionable, in the style jacket, more justinhos or more soltinho, all with shoes All Star or Slip On.

Picture 18 – Here are four more looks combining beautiful little dresses with white sneakers, a white lace dress with a denim shirt, the second with a little striped dress and black leather jacket, the third floridinho super modern with water green overcoat, and the third a full dress of charm, beautiful.

Image 19 – In the image below there are three different looks , combining well-colored floral dress and very modern pink pink sneakers, with jeans shorts and basic T-shirt with printed All Star and pleated satin sneakers and red tennis shoes, they have devastated.

Picture 20 – A look now very comfortable and stylish for several occasions, combining a black leggings with blue leggings with details in pebbles that looks like a necklace, and a gray high top sneakers, it was really cool, and with a shirt more sporty, turns a perfect look to work out.

Image 22 – Another totally inspiring and modern look, with a short black dress and short sleeves, with a denim jacket all ripped off, a black leather bag, and a black tennis shoe with spikes matching perfectly, it was really cool.

Jeans dresses are super trendy

Picture 24 – A very tight dress in the regata model with a high ball, very justinho in the pencil model in a tone of beautiful red, marking well the body, is very beautiful with a combination jacket here tied in the waist matching with the blue tennis with super beautiful brown.

Picture 26 – Two well differentiated dresses, the first one is the most differentiated and a perfect tip for women who like to dress in a very different style, and the other very basic, short and loose with hollowed neckline, black with the whole bar detailed, the two with sneakers were perfect.

Image 28 – Here are five more inspiring looks, very modern even for different occasions and also seasons, with beautiful dresses, justinho, long with slits high, slim, short and round, with leather jacket, jeans shirt tied at the waist, and jaquetinhas jeans, all with matching tennis perfectly.

Picture 30 – To finish with a golden key, this look below that combines a short leather dress regata with black high collar with a white Adidas sneakers with black and with a stocking with the medium high black to match with the dress, was well cool same, a great tip and inspiration to finish.