Models of Sandals with Ankle Bracelet for the Summer

Meet The Models Of Sandals With Ankle Bracelet

The sandals are among the most commonly used footwear models for women this time of year, due to hot weather. And among so many options and different styles, there’s always the trends of the moment, which ends up calling the attention of those who are more connected in the news and releases. Among those bets are the models of sandal with ankle bracelet. Learn more about these sandals and how to use them:

So, the trend of the moment for the sandals is this idea of a strip around the ankles, what we call anklet. This is a detail that can appear in various styles of sandals, but the big highlight is a model that leaves the foot completely, because it has only one strip on the toe, on the fingers, and the ankle bracelet, which is stuck on the roof that closes the heel.

This kind of sandal has become a true fever among women, especially among the famous, reported by They began popping up in the collections of international fashion designers, but it is now part of the collections of national brands, accessible to most women. The model is very versatile and can be used both in everyday life and in most occasions chic, as is Basic. It can be found in various styles, but the most traditional is smooth leather or lacquer in the colours black or nude. Basic and chic.

In addition to this, other models also wear the anklet as a detail and are making the biggest success. There are simpler, more routine options, ideal for use in the more informal occasions, such as to go to work or take a weekend trip. A good example are the models with medium and thick heel, sole and average width Strip on the toe, terminated by two ankle straps. The cool thing is merging two or three colors, which makes the shoe much more modern.

The color combinations can be different, but in General is made of basic colors, such as Brown and beige, caramel and black, white and black, white and beige, neutral colors, but can also be a summer tricolor that mix Brown, black and coralfor example, super summer.

Remember that while this is a strong tendency for the 2015 summer requires attention at the time of use, because this ankle strap shortens the legs. So, if you have thick legs or is short, bet on the skin tone.