Models of Alliances for Wedding and Engagement

Models Of Alliances For Wedding And Engagement

Marriage is what marks the Union of a couple, and to perpetuate this new phase of life, man and woman Exchange gold rings with their names written as a symbol.There are several models of rings, from the most simple to the most elaborate.

Before, the traditional alliances were of yellow gold, totally smooth, rounded, thin, narrow and without details. Some people invested in greater quantity of gold, leaving the Alliance. Now, the rings are quite different. The most desired models and used currently are thick, with approximately 1 cm of thickness. The design is contemporary. For example, the ends of the rings used nowadays are high, straight.

The yellow gold is what stands between the main choices, but the white gold already has won supporters. And for those who do not know the pink gold, which is also being used in the alliances, is an alternative to be even more original.

Some couples prefer very modern alliances, mixing types of gold. The yellow gold and white are beautiful together, especially when using the thick ring in yellow gold with one end in white gold, set with brilliants, super luxurious. You can also get a treatment in gold for winning a different effect, as the matte finish. This technique is widely used in the Covenant, since only the woman supports the shinies.