[Mode] Kookai and Leggings Dorothy Perkins Dress

There is little I received the dress bought on the a dear BAV.

It is a little grey dress (and not black huh Patrick! lol) of Kookai brand, size 42, Yes Yes 42!

Great full dress, sleeves are very original, but it is not good to the wrists I think I’ll do tighten the elastic.
She is sweet, it is a species of deer. She is short and slight so pay attention to the air currents.

The sleeves are very wide, there is a pretty bow at the neck to decorate and at the level of the shoulders are elastic. On me it tends to drag.

His biggest problem is that matter is shit lol. In fact it folds and these folds are white traces as of suede what! Suddenly there are traces everywhere.
I think that it should not be easy to maintain and to be careful of.

I also received it recently bought leggings Alice coming from Dorothy Perkins size 16UK.
It’s been a while that I wanted to buy this kind of leggings and I’m really happy with the result, explained by intershippingrates.com.

They are very comfortable to wear, they are long but not too just what it takes for my 1 m 53. At the level of the belly they rise the top, on me it’s + -7 cm above the navel, it slides a little when I walk I have a beautiful bourlet at this place but ca stays in place even when, on me ca stabilizes on my navel. Level legs is exactly the size needed me.

And finally here is some small tests carried out with this dress that ultimately is rather a tunic.

1st test:
Leggings DP
Wide belt Vernie
Offset varnish black

2nd test:
Red Ribbon
Dark blue jeans of the Redoubt
Red ballerinas (here is a fear of)