Mobile Multimedia Machine

Digital camera, email, MMS and Bluetooth: The 800 P is a real multimedia smart phone. The device on the market should come in the fall, now it just a little longer takes. The reason: SonyEricsson wants an MP3 player and a slot for the memory stick integrate.

Mobile Multimedia Machine

Since 2001, Ericsson and Sony in the mobile construction make common cause at Ezhoushan. The P 800, first smart phone of the duo, was during our test while still not ready for the market.But the prototype gives an idea of what it has on it.

Sony-Ericsson with multimedia shows off the 800 p. Digital camera photos can be shoot, which can be directly as email or MMS sending is. Associated with an address book entry, the picture of the caller on the display appears when the rings. In the exhibition hall, the camera delivered some dark pictures, the actual quality of which is difficult to assess on the display.

Always again impressive: A short video with sound makes the P 800 to the mini cinema. It looks somewhat pale in bright light, the good quality surprised nonetheless.The 208 x 320 pixels can display large display 4,096 colors, 12 megabytes of memory are available for images, videos, and applications. Java programs can be loaded on the phone, 200 different file types on your Smartphone to be a special Viewer according to Sony-Ericsson consider. Battery life according to the manufacturer: eleven hours talk and 400 hours of standby time.

Data functions
The integrated browser can represent as well as WAP also I-mode and HTML pages, as well as play Flash animations. In test hopped the Sony-Ericsson logo as animated GIF via the display. For rapid data transfer, GPRS (data reception with maximum 53.6 kbit / s) and HSCSD (maximum 57.6 kbit/s data reception) are available. The wireless connection is realised with other devices via infrared or Bluetooth.

Input is done either on the keyboard, which somewhat slowly responded with the prototype, or using the touch screen. Probably there will be the P 800 as seen in the image even without fold-out keyboard. Sony-Ericsson should rework the PIN. He is too thin, too small and too cumbersome to fix at the housing. Symbian OS 7.0 is used as the operating system it uses, for example, the Nokia 7650. The pleasing result: a colorful, graphical interface that visually too has nothing more with traditional phone menus, requires some adaptation.

The 800 P is a real multimedia phone, whose Ausstattung might like professional users as well as the fun group. Most are download movies on the phone. But the combination of digital camera and MMS or email is a serious competitor to the popular SMS.