Mobile Buyers Not Bound after 6 Months

Transparency in the debt service arrangements are not good enough. Customers are only bound to the telecommunications company for 6 months.

Have you bought a smartphone with an installment scheme at 24 months, then you’re still tied to the phone company in the first six months, thus you can therefore switch to another company after the first six months – even if you afbetaler your phone the next 18 months.

Too many mobile buyers think first that they can switch telephone company when they paid entirely by the new cell phone. But now Consumer Ombudsman has given them criticism, and telecommunications companies are now making advertising more prominent.

The telecommunications industry’s organization, the telecommunications industry in Denmark (10), now also goes out and requires clearer visibility on the price signs in stores, advertisements and the like.

-“Consumers must have a clear message about what is subscription, and what is the installment on the phone, and it must be clear to the consumer, what the bond period is,” says Jakob Willer, Director of TEN.

This means that telecommunications companies in their marketing of the future instalments must make it clear to customers exactly what they pay for, and thus also when they are no longer tied to the phone company.

The new guidelines is that the breakdown of prices for subscription and telephone must be clear.

Therefore, reimbursement for mobiles disappeared

In Denmark most telecommunications companies must bind customers to their mobile subscription for six months, which is less than in any other Nordic countries where it is allowed to bind customers to mobile subscription for up to 24 months.

With only six months, it is also difficult for the Danish telecommunications companies that earn money home on customers whose also there should be allowance for your mobile phone. It has consequently meant that the grants to mobiles from telecommunications companies have disappeared over the past year and a half.

Instead, the possibility of repayment schemes so come, which also means that at 24 months, the price of the new top models not much more expensive per month than the otherwise slightly cheaper.