Mini Skirt Trend

The miniskirt, tight or cut tube is back. Presentation of trends and advice to not look like a peripapeticienne.

All these girls have one thing in common. They feature legs sponsored Golden Lady and photo on the web, they are ok, but they have mostly succumbed to the charm of the skin-tight miniskirt or miniskirt tube.

A good old classic of the 80/90, which sticks to the ass, betrayed the slightest piece of beginning of saddlebags but didn’t like to drive up the temperature. The mini-skirt is back.

Sexy garment if it is, the miniskirt, straight cut or downright tube, out of closets and reclaims its place of essential, pushing out the musts of the past seasons: ball skirt, skirt pencil, Tulip skirt and the skater skirt. Oust! [Actually, we’ll carry them yet but I’m trying to make the story more dramatic to touch the reader and sell the story to Hollywood].

The right model: right or tube, arriving a bit higher than mid-thigh and waist high.Avoid black or gray models too ‘classic’ and potentially connoted Secretary in heat.Better to move towards something more mode as the faded jeans, zipped leather, leopard print or flowers, the look (like the treggings) wet, color block, or jogging.

Ok. Now we set the scene the question you certainly burning vulva is: but how to wear the miniskirt skirt without looking like a sausage woman looking for paid sex? The answer, next page!

The skirt can be worn with a strapless, low autofixants and platform sandals, but under these conditions, it’s called passive soliciting and it is punished by the law. For peace, at least speaking policing, we forget the cleavage and we quiet the game too sexy, by the very basic and very fashion.

We wear the miniskirt with a simple and very basic marcel white cotton, that we wear tight in the extension of the skirt, or further, pocketing the size and falling collar (for it is easy, just shoot). At night it is associated with a blazer, a small smoking jacket, jean jacket, or a perfecto and the day, because it was nice to love him, it is not Amanda Woodward, we think of something more relaxed like a parka or a long oversized waistcoat.

Skirt The Kooples, jacket Topshop, boots Minelli Sarenza, glasses Topshop and Miss Selfridge head band.

Feet you wear open out boots (boot open toe) who refined ankle Sandals tied the gladiators, cage ankle boots, heels open toe, short, glamour, heel, mode. Special note for subscribers to the dish: Yes, the Spartans also works but it of prettier on large fines… to whom everything, will include who can.

Small (or not shy) can carry the shorter models, or even very short but, por favor, they’re thinking about the tights-opaque or lace for example, and they forget the transport, for their own good. Bare legs, we forgive that over 25 °, and ultra short, even ultra mode, ultra rest effective to attract the ultra heavy.

Where: at H & M, The Kooples, Zara, Asos, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, American Apparel, or Mango.

[Lots of miniskirts on the page if… And a lot of emotion into perspective!]

Us small English… A2zgov of pleated skirts, Topshop, New Look and Miss Selfridge:

So, up for the miniskirt? Are your legs ready for this comeback? Between the harem pants and the tube skirt, Summer 2009 will be extreme!