Mini Bags Miu Miu

Say hello hello with the hand to the large bags! Yes, our beloved big bags, those in which we can put everything from sweater if you think you can get cold, umbrella, to fight boredom magazine, to the water 1 liter and a half to do so plinplin for summer .. Well, lovers of big bags, forget all that, there’s the micro bag. I actually a bit ‘I have already got used to it: this winter I’m preferring clutch bags by day and the contents of my bags, inevitably, it is very much reduced. No more portfolios with four doors but a coin holder and a card holder. A lipstick, cell phone and sunglasses. End. The tissues leads them my boyfriend because I have no space!Uncomfortable? Yes, but for micro bag this and more!

Well, when I say mini, I mean clutch size, to carry by hand or shoulder partare (certainly more practical for the day). Miu Miu, a top bran for vintage bags, already since last summer, as a micro really gave us in offering small jewels: the small, very small bag Miu Miu miniature purses! Available in many shapes and colors, from last summer Miu Miu pulls out all the iconic brand models in mini format. Too bad the price! Yes, because for almost a keychain, it takes more than 250 €! Exaggerated? Yes. My advice is to take a nice stroll in the outlets: the price falls of 50-70% and become more affordable! And you, what do you think of the trend of mini bags (and the case of Miu Miu) limit?