Midi Skirt Sophistication Never Goes out of Style

The first great war (1914-1918) “took” men to the battlefield, while women get out of the House for the first time, to their jobs.

The need for more adequate and comfortable clothes to perform the task in agricultural production, animal husbandry, work in industries or even driving buses and trucks, made possible a significant revolution in the pieces of women’s clothing: the shortening of skirts and dresses.

It was in the 20 that the revolutionary Coco Chanel took the midi-length one that ends below the knee and goes to more or less the end of calf – in their production, enabling the use of more lightweight and comfortable costumes.

After 30 years, the long lengths started to come back. With the second World War (1939-1945) the clothes were super masculinized, with models that mimicked military uniforms.

Midi size returned with everything in the late 40. Dior revolutionized the New Look: natural breasts, shoulders rounded, well marked waist and voluminous skirt below the knee.

The midi-length was much used in the 40 and 50, becoming an icon of the vintage and retro style today. The following are the current artists who love to wear a look with midi:

With a more contemporary retelling, the midi-length returned to trend. But with a current or retro footprint, the important thing is to know that “fashion goes out of style, the style never.” -Coco Chanel