Midi Skirt, Fall in Love with This Trend

She suffers a huge prejudice, some think too uptight, like religious uniform piece, or leave tiazona, others simply don’t like … I’m talking about her, the Midi Skirt!

The fact is that, like it or not, the midi skirt is super high, and super combines with adopting a retro or romantic style of dress.

For those who are not “linking the name to the person”, midi skirt, also called Middle skirt, is one that has the length below the knee and the cool thing is that, in addition to add femininity to the look, can vary greatly in style, and can be fair, round, pleated, among other models.

The origin of the midi skirt

A bit of history is always good, isn’t it? So, the midi skirt originated the “New Look”, launched by Christian Dior, after World War II, when it became popular, lavishing femininity, glamour and elegance.

Today, despite continuing super feminine, she received a cool but still suffer prejudice and doubt on the part of many women.

However, very quiet at this time, if you’ve scoffed and is now promising herself that won’t go out of the House while that fashion doesn’t pass, he knows there’s room for everybody, good isn’t it? That is, the short skirt also still have your space, as well as the long skirts.

But it’s worth a look with fresh eyes to the midi skirt, she can help compose looks super fashions and stylish, so much that the famous already played these skirts!

How to use midi skirt


There are several ways to use midi skirt and kick butt, but, without a doubt, the ideal for who wants to compose a visual cool and, at the same time, female, is betting on: midi skirt x t-shirt, because the mix of a more casual piece with another more sophisticated creates a creative look, and another hint, to compose a look more interesting, in this case, is betting on wovens skirts, of the lighter as the silks to natural linen and the more structured and jovial as the < B17 > jeans.


Who choose to use the midi skirt with a t-shirt, will create a more formal and rather sophisticated, ideal for work environments or more formal events, asking for garments of this type. As the shirt is a formal part, especially if used in neutral colors and structured fabrics, combined with a midi skirt more dry, give a very elegant production. If you want to break a little seriousness, in time to compose the look, it’s worth betting on patterns or textures, or just replace the usual blazer over shirt, a leather jacket.


Another tip is to invest in skirts midis chess stamped or stripes, to give a broken on the idea “tiazona” and modernize production. And bet also in floral, berries, geometric shapes, perforated fabrics, transparencies and throw in a lot of color and ethnic prints.


Bet in vibrant colors to make the look more hip and young is also a great option, and if you play in, pink, red, Orange, yellow, green, both on the skirt and blouse, the idea is to generate an interesting contrast. And for the little ones, a tip is worth gold, use the skirt with waist high or bet on a high heels and in color similar to the color of the skin, this helps to elongate the leg and still gives the impression of being taller.


A tip from HOMOSOCIETY, which you can’t miss, and serves for the little ones or for those who are overweight, is to invest in a pleated midi skirt, because it stretches any silhouette, when in doubt use it always with a heel shoe and length just below the knee These cm can make all the difference depending on the stature of those who use.


As well as the model, the midi skirt just loads all the sensuality of the tip, then, is to use up more soltinhas parts, and who wants a look cooler, can invest in a midi skirt more dry combined with a sweatshirt more short, this will give a charm to more production. But if the goal is to sexualize, the hint, in this case, is to invest in a midi skirt with slit. However, not to fall apart, a tip is to appeal to a good blazer, he will give a more refined sensual production, and invest in longer lengths for the blazer, which cover the hips.


It is important to keep in mind that the grace of the piece is precisely this way, vintage femininity and delicacy of her. Especially those who like the retro style or romantic, must try to get the most out of the play, the tip is to invest in lightweight fabrics, fluids, as well as in delicate prints and pale colors, super combine with the romanticism of the midi skirt.

And there, he fell in love with the midi skirt? Yes or no to her?