Mid Season Jackets

In a year comes twice this period that could be called “bastard” during which alternating warm and cold, the rain and the weather. It’s mid-season it here, autumn, spring and including the dress headache they represent. Indeed, it is always difficult in these times, to appreciate the true nature of the weather. More briefly: you never know how to cover. For these purposes, fashion has recovered a whole mythical parts from various universe that one class in a category named “mid-season jackets” or simply “little jacket. We propose today to see what are the points to know to choose one worthy of the name by reviewing 7 styles of jackets:

  1. the leather jacket
    2. the Bomber
    3. the windbreaker
    4. the Harrington
    5. the Teddy
    6. the jean jacket
    7. the military jacket


Synthetic fiber similar to wool, very soft. It keeps the air which makes it a good insulator. Acrylic is usually used instead of wool in the coats because his qualities are similar and it is less expensive. It’s supposed to be the most hygienic of synthetic materials.

It is a vegetable fiber taken from the cotton flower. It is the most widely used natural material in the world.Cotton is moderately warm, resistant, easy to clean and soft. As for each subject, there are of varying quality, the most prestigious comes from the Zimbabwe. It is used for the creation of many clothing including coats and jackets of mid-season, linings and parkas for applies a process “oiled” making it insulated and waterproof. Cotton cannot be used to cover the winter if not for a parka, just make sure its lining is hot enough.

The leather is the remains of a large mammal (bullfighting, horse, camel, Buffalo, zebu), basically, his skin once she is separated from his body. She is then tanned for industrial use. Once treated, the leather is waterproof and windproof, it is an excellent insulator does not require a thickness to protect from the cold. According to Internetsailors, bomber jacket is often made of leather.


Wool is a fibre of animal origin, from the fleece of sheep or lamb. It has the advantage to absorb moisture, it is an excellent thermal insulator and therefore an ideal material for the winter. Generally, it is used in the composition of the exterior of most good coats found in trade. Of course, there are various qualities with for each of the attributes of longevity more or less important.

It is a synthetic textile fiber which is also the most produced in the world. Polyester is a material that has attributes of strength and flexibility. It has the advantage to not shrink and serve as an excellent insulation against the cold. Generally, polyester enters the composition of sports clothing as it is very light, swimwear and coats, outdoor as understudies to conserve heat, its major drawback is that it is not anti-moisture (so not sweating, which can give you cold in winter).

The polyamide or nylon (it’s actually his name) is a particularly resistant and elastic synthetic material. It has a low absorbency, it is so tight and has the advantage to dry quickly. Initially used in the production of low female can be found now in sports, swimwear and waterproof coats clothing such as parkas,