Microsoft Could Get 18% of Tablet Market By 2019

Do not pull your look good in the field: from about one year sales of these devices are falling and, especially models with Android, don’t fare too well, mainly due to the rise of the phablet and their big screens.

Apparently, this situation could benefit from Microsoft, which according to Strategy Analyticswill reach 18% of tablet market by 2018.

As you can see from the graph, the possible increase of Windows tablets will be to the detriment of Android, which could lose 9 percentage points over the next few years.

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The hypothesis of this scenario is not at all risky: Microsoft has worked extremely well withWindows 10, boosting his platform and inviting developers build new apps (thanks to so-calledBridge).

In addition, it must be stressed that in a professional environment using Windows (and Office suites!) is often preferred to Android, more reason to trust the analysis of Strategy Analytics.

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