Michael Kors Golden Bag: Fashion Tips

The North American brand that bears the name of designer Michael Kors is known around the world by printing the logo of the brand with the initials MK in their Luxury handbags. In addition to handbags, sunglasses, watches and shoes are also products of the brand. The modern design with bold colors are a benchmark of bags arriving costing R $5000.00 in its most sophisticated and luxurious models. Metallic colors such as gold and silver are always present in collections and are true dreams of consumption for most women. Meet some models of gold Michael Kors handbags and learn how to combine them in everyday life.

The square models with medium or large size are ideal to be used on a daily basis, even though the bag does not have a golden glow very loaded and for this reason can be used during the day quietly. Formal or informal work environments, walks in the Mall or an afternoon of shopping are much more stylish with the Golden lap strap bag, combined with a pair of jeans and a white shirt. Feet a glamorous heels or a sneaker with neutral colors can make the look even more special and chic. Skirts, Bermuda more compridinhas and dresses are also good.

Models with gold sequins are chiquérrimos and can be extremely sophisticated for use on occasions at night. Parties, dinners and ballads are the ideal places to parade the outfit. Combine with sophisticated knee-length dresses or skirts with shirt. Bland also leave the look interesting and can be used with pumps, peep toes or stiletto sandals. Never use Golden sandal stops do not weigh the visual and let him corny. Shades of Brown, black, nude and even red are ideal for contrast of elegant way.

The Golden bag with metallic discreet is a great option to compose a more understated look or even to neutralize if you opt for a look with much brightness. The model bag is always suggested for most sports and visuals are prohibited from use in gala events or occasions more chic.Jeans with a stylish shirt with sparkle of sequins is a perfect example for the combination. Basic dresses or skirts more informal also gains new style with the production. Use feet slippers, sandals more sophisticated tricks or good old heels.