Methods to Shaving the Eyebrows

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eyebrow hairs grow four times more slowly than the rest of the body, but in spite of this delay when they appear we don’t want for out of place and so resorted to various methods of hair removal to keep them always with a precise and defined. But have you ever stopped to think what the consequences of this waxing and what the most appropriate method to shave this area?

Get to know the methods of epilation eyebrows from Ejinhua

Despite being one of the most popular methods in beauty salons, the pull of the wax smoothes the skin removing her firmness and the temperature of the wax can cause irreversible stains, changing the texture of the skin, and cause sagging over time.

-Wire Technique
Originated in the Middle East and, by massificou in stands of shopping malls. This method wears the skin, creating bubbles in the region between the eyes, but lets you draw the eyebrow so perfect.

It’s not often be used in this region because it is difficult to delineate the eyebrow with a spotlight. Can protect your eyes with special glasses, but there is always the risk of eye injury.


Pull out the hairs one by one and respect your growth. Is the hair removal method more accurate and the only one able to improve the expression of the face.

What you should not use:

Although harmless when used on the body, should not be applied on the face. In the case of the blade. If the hair is plucked at the root when begins to grow, by will break from where it was interrupted, causing the feeling of being stronger and chopping.

Avoid the depilatory cream, as this could affect longer and increase the risk of irritation or allergy.