Methodology BIM and LED Lighting

For some years now building world is undergoing a revolution with the introduction of new tools that are changing the way people work.
BIM (Building Information Modeling English) is a complete information model that develops virtual models of a building and a large database that collects all the information relating to an architectural project. BIM Management methodology involves the application of standard processes ISO 21500, focusing them in each type of project. Until the appearance of the BIM projects, buildings developed by parties, using different programs and work teams to develop each phase of the project (plans, structure, facilities, budgets…)
Now, with the emergence of the BIM the development of all this work is possible from a single tool. And the BIM is not just a program, it is a generic database that allows to develop a single file with all the necessary information to be able to realize this project.
There are many specialized BIM programs (buildings, structures, lighting, structures…) but all of them have been developed with a point in common: a perfect communication that helps create common models that contain all the information necessary to carry out the project according to sciencedict.
BIM and led lighting

Focusing on the field of lighting, it is now possible to incorporate all the information relative to the lighting in the BIM projects can study more in detail as we want to illuminate spaces and even test how the selected luminaire will be. This new way of working allows us to create families of objects with all kinds of descriptive, analytic and parametric information.
Let us take an example, with the previous systems basically was a distribution of points of light, indicating lamp to place (only a few data comparing), now with BIM systems, is placed virtually on the project a specific fixture that will give a certain light providing detailed information of the luminaire power (W) lumens (Lm), dimensions, opening angle, color temperature (K), or even the price.
Thanks to all that information we can represent as those fixtures selected in our virtual model will be and check if we have chosen the right option for the space and the needs of the user.
That is the true philosophy of the BIM, create a complete information model to be able to extract any information with a single click. Luminaires, execution cost listings, flat…
The future of building
BIM is opened as a new set of possibilities that is revolutionizing the construction industry in Spain is not yet very widespread use, but in countries as United Kingdom is required to carry out public projects and countries such as Australia, Denmark, Finland and Norway follow their steps.
Efficient lighting with LED technology solutions
LedBox in collaboration with our partner CronosLAB, offers professional solutions with tools BIM for all kinds of projects of building, lighting, presentations, generation of contents, etc. Efficient and sustainable technical projects. Solutions-oriented and designed to create a reasonable consumption spaces taking advantage of all the new possibilities offered by the new luminaires with LED technology to the maximum.
The future is written in BIM.