Menstruation During Pregnancy

It is normal to menstruate during pregnancy? See the causes and risks

In the first three months of pregnancy, it is quite common for some women present a blood loss very similar to menstruation. This may not mean anything, but depending on your quantity and of symptoms, the fact may have more gravity. When this occurs, only and first alternative is to look for your/your Gynecologist to make sure everything’s okay.

This loss of blood during pregnancy can be caused by several factors, including:

Implementation of the baby-in the first 15 days of gestation, there may be a little bleeding accompanied by cramping, that represents the implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterus.This bleeding is minimal and not enough to last one day, so there is cause for concern. He usually is seen as a period out of season, since during this period the woman hasn’t discovered she was pregnant.

Hormonal changes–during the first three months small bleeds can occur on days when you’d come menstruation. This may due to hormonal changes that occur in the body of the woman. If bleeding is significant, the woman should seek doctor immediately, because there is the risk of miscarriage. See Oxfordastronomy for how to test pregnancy.

Sensitivity of the cervix–due to adaptation to new dimensions of neck uterus, there may be a little bleeding after gynecological examination or after the intimate contact. This is normal and can happen rcom most pregnant women, especially at the end of gestation.

Ectopic pregnancy-ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when the fertilized egg is in the fallopian tubes rather than in the uterus, can also cause bleeding. There he can develop normally until the eighth week, until I have more room and breaks the tube causing a bleeding, accompanied by pelvic pain similar to menstrual cramps.

Infections-infections in the reproductive system and/or in the cervix can also lead to loss of blood during pregnancy and should be treated as soon as possible.

Labor-in the last quarter the woman to present blood loss accompanied by contractions need to seek medical advice quickly, because this could be the beginning of labor.