Men’s Underwear: Men Invest More in Undergarment than Women

Men boxers. When we had access to the newsletter of trends of Sebrae painted that doubt: is it really that men invest more in private parts than women?

Yes, male vanity really is increasingly present in the life of modern man. In fact, the study shows that men, by buying their men boxers, are judicious in choosing, either in template or in quality and aesthetic beauty of the play, it doesn’t matter if it’s boxer, slip, lace thong or Boxer shorts.

The research of the Institute of studies and Industrial Marketing. 1,110 men were interviewed (volunteers). The biggest expense in underwear is among 25 men and 34 years; 90% of them carry out their purchases in person and in physical stores. The study also shows that 64 percent of Brazilian consumers usually buy underwear at least once a month.

The data point, for the first time, that men are spending more than women on the purchase intimate parts: the average of the last purchase of the interviewees was R $115, while that of the female audience was R $93.20.

Other relevant data of the research is that 59.8% of consumers of men boxers are of the classes b2 and C, therefore, are not only rich men who invest in their own underwear.

Male Underwear Models for Each Type of Man

Boxer-Style Underwear

Anyone can use, but are suitable for men and for those who do not have the body too. Coladinhas in the body a short boxer briefs. The only problem is that the low quality tend to take a leg and she can form a volume in those accustomed to wear tighter jeans the thighs.

Speedo-Style Briefs

Anyone can use. The Speedo takes its name because it really resembles a swimsuit for use in swimming pool or on the beach. She is shorter than the boxer. Don’t bother or roll in the leg, giving more freedom to move.

Slip Style Panties

It is also one of the most used in Brazil. The model is best for those who have more muscular legs (thick), because the model is more trough than boxer or the Speedo. There are also models with the thinner side, but it’s not very consumed by Brazilians. SLIP panties go very well with social or fairer pants suit, since no mark. Start working on your face today!

Samba-Canção Style Panties

No prejudice. Time was the underwear boxers were thing Grandpa or dad. They fell in the grace of those who enjoy a lot of freedom nothing pressing. Anyone can use.

History of Underwear

Prehistoric Underwear

The boxers arose 7000 years, when prehistoric man created a leather thong.

My Pharaoh

In ancient Egypt, the King Tutankhamen, who died in 1324 BC, was buried along with dozens of elaborate silk thongs. They were triangular and had longer ends, which could be tied to his legs.

Greek Underwear

The ancient Greeks also had their own thongs, but if speculates that only slaves used these.

Roman Underwear

It was a mixture of thong and shorts became quite popular at the time. In the 13 century, it was the turn of the beginnings of the drawers: linen pants that covered the entire leg and were heavily used by both peasants and royalty.

Underwear During the Renaissance

They were huge like socks that covered everything but the penis, to urinate with more facillidade. In the future, they have been replaced by versions that covered the intimacy, but contained buttons to facilitate your clearance.

Panties on the Industrial Revolution

With the invention of the bicycle was necessary to better protect the penis during the cycling on streets of cobblestone. The rise of cotton fabrics helped during this period, giving rise to similar underwear to jockstraps nowadays, that sustained better the genitalia.

20 Century Underwear

The panties slip and the samba songs. The latter were derived from the shorts of boxers and entered the market in late 1920. Slip panties already, created in 1935, with a “Y” on the front, were so revolutionary in menswear that came to be compared with the emergence of the BRA, about two decades before.

Slip model shaped like a “Y” on the front was one of the greatest revolutions in men’s underwear

Briefs of the Years 50 and 80

The years 1950 brought a greater variety of colors and fabrics for the manufacture of underwear, but only in the 1980 came a new revolution: the boxer briefs. It was during this period that advertising also began using male models almost naked to promote the products, giving the panties a status of sex, power and money.

Briefs of the Years 90-Fashion Accessory Fashion

In the years 1990, the Calvin Klein campaign with rapper Mark Wahlberg helped transform the underwear in a fashion piece, which goes well beyond comfort.

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