Men’s Sunglasses for Summer 2016

Classic look

You think about how it looks so. Classic look? Gentlemen can choose sunglasses that are slightly curved or completely round glasses, with a strong beam or such glasses, which have virtually overlooked frames. Everything is permitted this year. Most of the “classical” acts smoky lenses and golden color of the beam and legs. Such spectacles will be a great fit for the casual outfit, which consists of trendy shirt and jeans with a leather strap.

Retro style

The current fashion is literally absorbed retro style. If you love Italian style and sharp distinctive shapes, then it is called. Retro style just for you. Clean lines and futuristic elements are really advanced matters in terms of men’s sunglasses for 2016. These trends sunglasses were mainly inspired by the Italian style of the 70s of the 20th century. Retro sunglasses will look best in combination crumpled trousers, blazer or other men’s suit.

Perfect look

Rectangular glasses with fine frames are ageless and timeless models of men’s sunglasses (see here). It can be said that such a style never goes out of fashion. Such glasses, which have a rectangular slides, will be best removed with casual wear. E.g. with perfectly-cut trousers and a well-fitting jackets are absolutely IN. Attention to watch only negligent “wrinkled” ordinary jeans and shirts, this style of glasses to such clothes really fit.

Sports style

However, this year’s summer govern only casual, retro chic and classic models. Modern will also sport glasses. These glasses usually have most often a flat upper part of frame and the rest is slightly curved. Frames are strong and often have variously shaded lenses. Exactly the style of glasses is absolutely IN. Like retro style, and sports sunglasses are inspired by the last time (the 80s of the 20th century).
Sport sunglasses are as different suits to sportswear such as hooded sweatshirt, jeans and loose shirts.

Aerial style

You know the movie Top Gun. It is here you meet so. Airlines glasses that are too advanced for this summer. These dazzling sunglasses suits perhaps everyone. They have a shiny-rimmed rhodium and blue ink slides. What is missing, so you have these glasses quite stylish? Just take them eg. Flight jacket.

In these modern styles and trends but would not gentlemen in choosing sunglasses forgetting the shape of sunglasses. It is important to fit their face and overall outfit.