Men’s perfume collection by Bentley and Lalique

The Crystal Bottle Lalique designed for Bentley is crowned by the legendary “flying B” – the hallmark of the luxury automaker of.

Men's perfume collection by Bentley and Lalique

In cooperation with the French Crystal manufacturer Lalique, the British carmaker Bentley launched his own collection of luxury men’s fragrances. Highlight is limited to 999 copies “Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition”.

The special aroma of a new, classy automobile genuine leather, fresh wood and mirror polished chrome: most men find him irresistible. As the proud owner of a Bentley, you can smell soon even as its luxury car. And a gentleman, whose desired remained so far unfulfilled after an own Bentley, may at least olfactorily indulging his dream and ever with the new Bentley fragrance collection test smell as he had emerged from just the luxury vehicle. The very first own perfume series of the car manufacturer offers three luxurious men’s fragrances to the cavalier start. The legendary British car brand and the Lalique company, as a prominent example of glass-making at the highest level, want to know understood the fragrant result of their collaboration also as a tribute to the special standards of quality of own craftsmanship.

The Wind is Blowing to

The rich, fragrant flagship of series bears the name “Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition” and presents itself in an exclusive Crystal Bottle, crowned by the for Bentley characteristic “flying B” made of frosted glass. The striking, streamlined hood ornament graced numerous historical Bentley car modelswith its dynamically curved and looks like ‘B’ once as attractive eye-catcher.Today, we know such a dynamic hood ornament as the streamlined, winged ‘B’ only metal. In the 1920s and 1930s it came but among drivers of expensive cars in fashion to make his own hood ornament as artistic and fragile structures made of glass. The conceived by Rein Jules Laliques radiator mascots for Bentley, Bugatti or Rolls-Royce were at the time so praised and much sought after as the vases, sculptures or bottles of the best glass artist “Art New” and “Art Decoration”.

Dynamic Scent of Olfactory Upper Class

Daniele Ceccomori, designers at Bentley Motors: “the Crystal Edition is a masterful example of craftsmanship. It stands for the highest luxury and the perfect class, featuring both Bentley and Lalique. At our flagship Mulsanne, the ‘flying B’ stylishly perched on the front. We wanted to put to elaborately crafted this concise expression Crystal art, and the exclusivity of the fragrance inside the elegant bottles as well.” The nose behind the Water of Perfume is Mylene REN from the French fragrance specialist Robertet. Their fragrance is based on top notes of wood and leather, heart notes are white cedar and patchouli; as base notes Ambergris and musk added. The essence of IRIS provides a sensual, charismatic fragrance experience. Only 999 copies of “Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition” will be available from April 2013 with selected partners at a price of 3500 euros for the Crystal glass art perfume bottle with 40 ml of perfume.

“Bentley for Men” and “Men Intense for Bentley”

Clearly affordable, the perfumes developed by perfumer Nathalie Lorson of the Water of Toilette “Bentley for Men” and of the Water of Perfume have been calculated “Bentley for Men Intense”. The bottom line was also for them, the luxury brand to translate Bentley in a fragrance line by wood and leather notes. “I have chosen cedar wood due to its strong and genuine fragrance and patchouli due to the intense and elegant touch,” Lorson said. African geranium completes the character of “intense” version. With their distinctive flavor, it ensures a very complex fragrance. The symmetrical and elegant shape of the bottle with ribbed ring on the plug will reflect also the luxury of the automobile.