Mens Leather Bomber Jacket

Also known bomber, the bomber jacket is designed to withstand the elements. The most famous model is the pilot jacket type A2, created during the inter-war in 1931. Soon, he was praised by American pilots, especially during World War II and during the Vietnam War . If we find a lot of aviators jackets made of plastic, the original part is leather, a material capable of protecting members of the US Air Force during military operations.

The detail that never fails?

The flashy liner, used to more quickly identify the victims of a crash pilots. Popularized by Steeve McQueen in the film The Hunter, in 1980. The pilot, however, was imported into France in 1947 by the brand Mac Douglas .

The strengths of the bomber:

  • The flap pockets located on both sides of the zipper, practices and
  • The cuffs and waistband knit to keep the leather jacket and protection from the cold.
  • Epaulettes that accentuate the middle and give the appearance to the jacket.

Discover our aviators jackets:

style Bomber Baltimore Redskins

The brand Redskins, known around the world, offers a bomber jacket inspired by the legendary aviator model. This hybrid model takes the teddy collar and the pockets of the man bomber jacket inspired by Animalerts.

Bomber LC3136 Schott

The man jacket Schott LC3136 is a real pilot jacket. Its cut is inspired by Schott models manufactured during World War II. To comply with the cutting of the first aviators, Schott decided not to put fur on the collar. Our favorite model!

Man Bomber Douglas Mac Arthur

Mac Douglas is the first French brand to import the famous aviator jacket. It still offers pilot jackets for men. Particularly preferred patinated calfskin that gives an authentic style.