Men’s Fashion Trends 2014

This is what would happen in a parallel universe, if Luca and Alexander had forgotten all male style … It’s not pretty, but it’s very funny!

This video is the first item of content that awaits you this week.

Two free modules from the BonneGueule Program

To help Luca and Alexander, prisoners of this parallel universe, BonneGueule BonneGueule created the program that some of you are perhaps already. The last launch was in January 2014. If you do not know what it is, do not panic, because this week you will have free access to two modules that will greatly help you during the sales …

Basically, the BonneGueule Program is an online program in videos where you learn everything you need to know to be good in your clothes: how to choose, how to assemble, etc.

To know the content of the modules, we will have to wait tomorrow!

Another important date: Wednesday, June 25 to 20 hours for the summer fashion trends featured on topschoolsoflaw.

A new webinar dedicated to summer sales 2014!

The latter was very popular, I am pleased to announce the return of the webinar on the summer sales Wednesday, June 25! As a reminder, at the last webinar in January, you were more than 1,500 over two days to follow us live …

It was a first for us, and the atmosphere was excellent!  There is no doubt that it will be the same on Wednesday evening … I will give you all the details to register tomorrow. Warning, our webinar software can not handle more than 1000 places! But maybe you do not know exactly what a webinar is …

A webinar? What’s this ? A new cocktail?

A webinar is simply a live Internet conference. Specifically, from your computer,  you will see me live, I and my screen (much like a giant Skype!).

It is completely free for all. During this webinar, I’ll balances in your place  before your eyes. That is to say that I will go on the best e-shops ( you will see me surf these e-shops live as if you were sitting next to me), and  I tell you to do especially parts Not missing! Yes, I will do all the selection work for you, you will only have to guide you …

Of course, no affiliate links disguised as promo codes, and always a strict independence from e-shops: this is the only way to offer you really objective selections (a rare thing on the Internet today).