Men’s Bracelets: How to Use

What do Mariano di Vaio, Johnny Depp, Chay Suede and Lenny Kravitz have in common? All of them are long time followers of the bracelet combination. Often accompanied by watches, the bracelets have become, by far, the most popular male accessory of recent times.

For those who have a very basic style, which rarely flees jeans-and-t-shirt, and wants to create more versatile and creative visuals, bracelet combinations can be a good request. That’s why Men’s Market has come up with some tips when it comes to merging this accessory and tailoring it to your style:
-Mix materials: leather, silver, wood, colored stones, fabric… There is no rule to marry bracelet materials; On the contrary, the contrast of textures is one of the strengths.
-First steps: If you are not already used to using it, prefer bracelets in neutral and less shiny materials, such as brown leather. Parts in silver, for example, have a characteristic brilliance that draws the most attention.
-Practicality: If you play sports or go to the beach and pool frequently, it is worth investing in parts made of strings or resins, which dry faster. Many men end up wearing the wristbands 24 hours a day, and so you avoid getting the bracelet ruined.
-Attention to closing: opting for bracelets withadjustable clasp assists not only at the time of purchase, but also at the time of dressing. This makes it easier to use the accessory with comfort.
All models of the story are available in Men’s Market. Just click here to know all the bracelet options, in different materials, models and styles.