Memjet Printer Want the Printer Market to Shake

The Australian company Silverbrook research is planning a revolution: Memjet printer should combine the benefits of both traditional printing technologies – the excellent print quality of ink printers and the print speed of laser printers. This is done through the new Memjet printing technology. Theoretically all sounds very promising, whether the technique can enforce, remains at zuwarten. According to my information, this new is printing technology for more than 10 years developed and wealthy entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia serve as donors.

Memjet Printer Want the Printer Market to Shake

Videos of the new Memjet printer

Memjet A4 prototype printer compared to Canon PIXMA MX-7600 all-in one printer

Memjet plotter for XL prints
Here you will find even more videos.

The Memjet technology

The principle is actually quite simple, as printerhall says. With a normal inkjet printer, the print head is only a few centimeters wide and must be moved so on a carriage horizontally over the entire sheet. This process produced micro-drops of ink onto the paper. The Memjet printer, however, use a print head which is as wide as the paper to be printed. Through this technique, can the paper slip just below the print head and will be printed here in a rush. A new printhead makes it possible.

The Memjet print head (printhead)

The Memjet print head from a range of approx. 2 cm-wide chips composed, each of which accommodates ca 6,400 nozzles. With an A4 printer would be 11 chips with a total 74.400 nozzles. A special control module takes over the control of the print head and the individual chips. This control module is to make it possible to calculate up to 900 million dots per second! The result is then a maximum resolution of 1,600 x 1,600 dpi at a Druckgschwindigkeit of 60 pages per minute in the document mode or 30 pages per minute for photos in format 10 x 15 cm.

Advantage of new printing technology

Of the special Memjet print head offer other benefits in addition to the high printing speed. Because there is no back and moving the printhead and the thus resulting vibrations, the printer works much quieter than conventional printer. In addition, the possible banding at misaligned print heads is eliminated. Also the paper feed could be simplified through the simple paper pass, this would make noticeable also in the price of the printer. Of course the Memjet needed also no warm-up period printer as it is common in laser printers, so can the Memjet already Los print relatively soon after switching on.
The price and the Zunkunftsaussichten

The manufacturer Silverbrook research represents a price of under $300 for 60-pages office printer in Vista. The price would be fair based on the performance of the device. By the modular concept of the Memjet print head, the applications are very diverse. The small printer for cell phones or digital cameras, up to the plotter for oversized prints. As earlier described the individual chips of the printhead can be strung.
Ink and ink cartridges for Memjet printer

When the price for Memjet ink cartridges, the manufacturer wants to set new standards, but unfortunately still not known is more accurate. Printer cartridges will be certainly very high capacity, a filling quantity is also unknown. Such cartridges are there already by other manufacturers (E.g. Epson ink cartridge T551 with 500 ml capacity) and are very expensive. A major manufacturer of ink told me that they are already working on an ink for this printer. This ink must meet special requirements such as flow properties, surface tension and viscosity.

It is exciting that this technology enforces. Da Memjet on this system more than 1,400 U.S. patents (2,000 more U.S. patents pending) has, and will have the major printer manufacturers such as HP, Samsung and Epson certainly mind.

New video of Memjet printer that is already available