Meizu Pro 5 Headphones EP31

Is now ready to be presented to the expected new top range of Meizu, which we know should have been named Pro 5 (losing the initial MX theme from last year). Among the many information that has leaked recently, the last in chronological order comes from an illustrious and downright trusted source: its Vice-President Li Nan, famous in the past for revealing interesting anticipations on the main products of the company.

Li Nan has posted on the usual social Chinese a couple of screenshots relating to battery usage of Pro 5. In the first you notice that the device lasted about 16 hours and 45 before arriving at 4% charge; a good performance, but nothing earth-shattering. The second, however, indicates that for this period of time the screen was on for something like eight hours; This Yes that is noteworthy.

It is clear that the SoC Exynos 7420 of Samsung, made with 14 nm fabrication process, succeeds in giving a big hand in this sense; especially if it is accompanied by a display FHD. For the time being have not yet leaked details on the actual battery capacity of Pro 5, but in the light of these screenshots is easy to imagine values greater than 3000 mAh. Moreover, it will also be very quick to refill, thanks to the technology of Quick charging 12V/2A.

Finally, together with your smartphone will also be presented the new headphones EP31, a significant qualitative leap compared to mediocre EP21 HD, sold with earlier models. According to early sources, the Earbud Headphones could cost even 499 Yuan (nearly 60 euros), will always be in-ear type and on the main cable fits a three-button controller, in addition to jack gold plated.