Meet the Bandeirante Toys

The end of the holiday has already come and so it is important to enjoy the last moments of rest and fun with the children. Going to the park or even strolling in the neighborhood are options of tours that can entertain you and lots of small ones.

And it is to entertain the children during the tour that the Bandeirante Toys factory has created a complete line of toys that provide fun and even stimulate the development of the little ones.

They are children’s articles of excellent quality and first material, created by Bandeirante Toys and will please boys and girls, such as cars, tricycles and bicycles.

Check out some items that will make the children’s ride even more fun:

Smart Baby Comfort  can be used as a stroller or as a walker, in which the child takes first steps, developing balance and motor coordination.

Smart Plus tricycle suitable for children from 1 year because it can be used as a stroller, in which the little one is taken by the parents, or as tricycle, in which he gives the first pedals.

Mototico Gatinha Leva-Doll  tricycle for girls that will make their ride even more fun.

In addition to the development of balance and motor coordination of children, the Bandeirantes Toys factory produces toys with the highest safety, suitable for children who are starting to take their first steps.

Check out some more articles from Bandeirante Toys:

Smart Baby Pop features stroller function, walker and first steps that will amuse and stimulate the child’s development.

Smart Car Rosa for girls from nine months. It has two functions: ride, in which the child is taken by the parents, and pedal, in which it can take the first pedals.

At Hello Baby you can find all these products and many others from the Bandeirantes Toys factory. Check it!