Meet Bruna Gilda, Pin up Girl of Month of May

The Pin-Up girl of the month December 2016 of Retro Universe back to the site to represent may. After our lovely Natalina”, through the lens of Marcello Garcia, now the beautiful brings us your beauty to complement the editorial Tropical Storm, composed of several Pin-ups in Brazil that are being presented over the course of months, clicked by Ricardo Biserra.

Owner of the thrift store Camp of Gilda, our pin-up girl loves tattoos, red hair and leave already on calendars. She has granted us an interview, which can be seen in its entirety here. To get to know you and find out your personal tastes, check out our ping-pong below and the full test:

Retro universe-an Idol?

Bruna Gilda -Johnny Cash. One of the most important artists of the time, was full of character and never surrendered to the mainstream.

Retro universe – A Muse?

Bruna Gilda -Rita Hayworth. She is one of the most beautiful women in cinema.

Retro universe-a book?

Bruna Gilda – I’m currently reading “Your beauty mark”, written by Dita Von Teese and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Retro universe – a movie?

Bruna Gilda – Cinema Paradiso (1988), directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. It’s beautiful!

Universe Retro-Piece that can not miss in your wardrobe?

Bruna Gilda -In day to day use lot fashion vintage/retro dresses and sneakers. It is comfortable and practical.

Universe Retro-vintage/retro best place you have ever visited?

Bruna Gilda -Marche Aux Puices (flea market) in Paris. It was the largest concentration of antiques I’ve ever seen in my life. Who collects is paradise.

Retro universe – A food?
Bruna Gilda -shrimp and cheese. If you have both, even better.

Retro universe-a pin-up brazilian?

Bruna Gilda -Cherry Rat, besides being beautiful and talented is my friend.

Universe Retro-Rockabilly band.
Bruna Gilda -Cherry Rat and the Thieves.


And those who have not heard, the editorial has a special playlist consisting of old songs exalt the national Brazilian tropical characteristics. Listen:

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