Medion MD 96290


an Intel processor of type Pentium dual core T2130 inside Aldi-notebook (1.86 GHz clock frequency, two processor cores). At the working speed, the device achieved the top score of 1.00. Memory-hungry software for photo editing ran very fast. This is mainly thanks to the large memory: 2 gigabytes are semi fitted.

The graphics processor has no own memory, but must use a portion of memory. He therefore calculated only eleven frames per second average. For graphically complex 3-D games that is too little.

With almost 150 Gigabyte capacity is the HDD for a laptop of this price range very generous. The built-in DVD burner worked pretty fast and delivered a good burn quality. He described all kinds of CD and DVDs, also the rarer DVD-RAM discs.

Image quality
Like most notebooks the MD 96290 has a monitor in the widescreen format. The 39 cm diagonal screen is therefore prima for DVD playback. A playback program is installed. The test device, the screen was anti-reflective, so that light sources generated no annoying reflections. The image quality was overall good.

The Aldi notebook was very quiet with only 0.3 sone at idle and 1.4 sone at full load. The battery showed good performances: he held out during normal operation over three and a half hours. When viewing the juice ranged from DVDs even half an hour longer.

Despite the low price the notebook is a neat software package. These include among other things as the Office software works 8.5 and the burning program Nero Burning Rom in addition to Windows Vista in the Home Premium version. Via a network cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi connection to other computers or to the Internet can accommodate the notebook. Case, that only a conventional telephone line available, is an analogue modem installed.

The Aldi laptop Medion MD 96290 is a very fast and quiet machine. It is long on battery power. Memory (2 gigabytes) is optimally built for Windows Vista. Not suitable the device although graphically complex games, offers a surprisingly good performance. for a low price but

Review conclusion: you need to know that

The Aldi laptop Medion MD 96290 is a very fast and quiet ar¬beitsmaschine. It is long on battery power. Memory (2 gigabytes) is optimally built for Windows Vista. Graphically complex games the device not suitable for while. But still, it is a real bargain for 699 euro. ««Pro order this product on Amazon very high pace of work very low operating noise long operating time with battery big disk 2 gigabytes memory contra games very slow test note of Editor 2.20 good users rating now evaluate» test: Aldi-PC Medion MD 8827
» you discuss with: Aldi, Lidl & co.-what use are current “cheap PCs”?

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