MediaPad M2 7.0, The First Tablet Huawei with Fingerprint Sensor

As expected, Huawei has presented the G9 Lite Huawei in China, or P9 Lite as it will be known in the rest of the world. Taking advantage of the event, he has also presented a new variant of its tablet of mid-range, one that premiered with the P8 to make that both devices were hand. It is the Huawei MediaPad 7.0 M2.

And that strategy is just that just repeat this year. The event organized in China to announce both the Lite version and the new generation of tablets practically coincided with the premiere of the remarkable Huawei P9, which is already in the catalog of the big Spanish operators and in the free market.

Although it had adopted the same name, there are quite a few changes between this MediaPad M2 of 7 inches and the old versions of 8 to 10.1 inches which arose in the summer of 2015 and 2016 January respectively. What remains identical is your based EMUI in Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 3GB of RAM

The first thing to draw attention is that the new Huawei MediaPad 7.0 M2 is the change of the main chip supply. Abandons the HiSilicon Kirin that previous models have been moved by the 8-core Cortex A-53 and Adreno GPU 405 SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 615.

Also distinguishes itself from the higher slopes because it will come out in a unique version of 3GB RAM facing the choice of 2 GB of RAM of the old. In addition, is put on sale with internal storage of 16GB and 32GB variants, in both cases expandable via microSD up to 128GB card.

On the front of the MediaPad M2 7.0 there is a 7 inch screen and resolution FullHD 1920 x 1200 pixels, enhanced with the Huawei ClariVu 2.0 color enhancement technology. At the front there is also a 5-megapixel camera, while the back goes up to 13 megapixels with Aperture f/2.0 and flash led. Share values with the MediaPad M2 10.1 and improves the 2015 model.

One more detail, your battery. This model is 4. 360mAh, a far cry from the 6. 660mAh. asking the larger but very close to the 4 version. 800mAh. you give life to 8.0 M2.

Huawei MediaPad 7.0 M2 reads your footprints

But if there is something really relevant between this model and the rest is the fingerprint sensor. Is the first tablet of Huawei with this technology However, if carrying enough time on their mobiles. A step that is probably associated with the device, more manageable size and, therefore, easier to use outdoors.

The reader is positioned on the side of the MediaPad 7.0 M2, in a marked notch flat that distorts its curved edge. It is positioned half way up on the right side, next to the power and volume control buttons.

All variants of this tablet are Dual-SIM, In addition to providing other forms of connection such as Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. Not missing other accessories such as FM radio and traditional proximity or ambient light sensors.

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Huawei MediaPad 7.0 M2, price and availability

In presenting three finishes of the tablet will have seen, Pink, blue and gold, all white finish on the front. The 16GB version opens in China by 1,599 yuan, while the 32GB will be up to the 1,799 Yuan, about 215 and 240 euros to change respectively.

In addition, the company has taken to put a price on the MediaPad M2 10.1 announced last winter. There will be several configurations, both with and without 4G with 16GB of memory and 32GB with network access. Their prices range between the 1,499 Yuan and 2.099 Yuan.

Nothing has been said about their international distribution, but Huawei is bringing all his tablets to Europe. As always, the premier will leave a fairly higher price that indicate its conversions, as happened as the MediaPad 8.0 M2.

Huawei has presented a 7.0 M2 MediaPad, leaving as a first impression much balance between price and performance. Good ability to process, FullHD resolution, dual SIM and fingerprint reader for a price that probably is between 300 and 350 euros. Halfway between the best and the cheap in cost, closer to the first in quality.