Media: New iPhone Will Be 18 Per Cent Thinner Than Its Predecessor

Apple makes not only the screen bigger on the upcoming iPhone. The phone itself will also be 18 percent thinner, it is reported.

Several indications about a new iPhone with larger screen has already been presented in galore, but it will not be the only significant change in the design.

Several Asian media, therefore, is not afraid to conclude that the next generation of iPhone will be 18 percent thinner than the 4S model, write our site.

The conclusion is drawn on the basis of leaked production parts, including trial versions of iPhone-Cabinet.

The objectives of the next iPhone should be 58.47 mm in width, 123.83 mm in length and 7.6 mm in thickness. iPhone 4S measure according to 58.6 x 115.2 x 9.3 mm.

As described previously, Apple will reportedly move from micro-to nano-SIM to SIM “save space”. Plug the data cable will be significantly smaller, and the headphones must now insert in the bottom instead of at the top of the phone.