#Meajudajojo: the Hardest of All Pants

Look more a #MeAjudaJojo there, folks!

A section for you, this helps Me today out of the bottom of the trunk.Here’s what happened. As soon as I released the first Help Me, texted me in Taiwo Instagram. She had a pair of pants that I was stuck because she could only combine with black tops. Look what she told me:

Because I compare me of Fleur and decided to help her. I went to pants on the Internet to do the post and, where I think some like that?Nothing. I was a long time researching when, today, I give into her face. And behold, today we will finally be able to help get your striped pants Fleur from the drawer.

But, before I begin, I just wanted to do a rant and say, that this was the hardest #MeAjudaJojo that I’ve done around here. People that complicated pants to match, Milla!

Well, I put the head to work, I researched a lot, tested colors, prints and modeling and came in four tips that can help you. Let’s see if you like!

As always, let’s start by analyzing the play?

Plus point:

-She’s pure personality and alone for a look


-She’s pure personality, making it difficult to combine with other things that also have personality

That said, let’s see what we can do with sissy.


I know, the idea is to get away from the black, but I thought it was worth to start with the basics. Black will really be the easiest color to match the pants of Fleur, mainly because she has black in his stripes.

But, out of the common place, we can play with modeling and overlays. Why do you wear with a basic blouse if we can use with one that leaves the outside Wing shoulder blades. And that stick to clothes, when you can play a maxi tailoring vest over and raise this outfit to another level of elegance?

Enjoy to play also with accessories. Since everything is black even, dare with powerful glasses and maxi earrings.

  1. What If We Combine Green With…Green (Military)

I thought: If the pants have black and can combine with black if she has green, also must give to match green, huh?

Yes and no. I tried it with a more green alive, but it was pretty weird, too combinadinho, you know? So I went exploring the 50 shades of green and, to my surprise, when I got in the military gave super right. Tom talks to the Green pants, but don’t call as much attention. In fact, the military Green has become practically a neutral tone and therefore ends up leaving the look much more elegant, with the pants being protagonist.

One thing I like those combinations here is the hint to play more soltinhas moulds to the top. Like the pants it’s fair that also helps to balance the look.

  1. Advancing A Little: Tyle

I can’t tell you, but I will try. I started testing with yellow and mustard (which is cool too), but it’s not so easy to find in these parts. Then I decided to go a little bit and ran with the earthy tones: Brown, caramel, camel, terracotta and, let me tell you, I enjoyed as well.

Thought it was chic and, instead of trying to neutralize the pants, the look gained even more personality.

  1. Moving Forward: Mix Of Prints

I know, I always say that combine prints is not difficult, especially if one of them is striped. But these colors increase the difficulty level 5 speed of the dance créu.

The truth is that the same tips that I always also apply here: contrast is the key. Like the striped pants, I opted for a blouse printed with tiny polka dots as well.

The secret here was actually overlap. The trenchcoat super neutral served to tie the combination of the two prints. Also neutral accessories, combining with one of the tones of the pants or shirt (we already have too much information in this look to insert a new color, huh?).

Ready, Fleur! Thanks for the challenge and I hope you have enjoyed the result.

If you have more ideas of how to combine the pants of Fleur, leave your suggestions here in the comments!