MAX 4 D Mask Effect False Eyelashes

Hi all!!!
Last week I was in a store in order to buy a good mask of cilia and I found this brand Bella she’s the Femme, MAX 4 d, promises to give more volume, false eyelashes, and is waterproof.

First I will talk about the mask and then show if she fulfills its promises.
The mask comes in this little box that has an opening where you can see a bit of the packing. On the side of the carton contains the following information: “manufactured by: YIWU COSMETICS. PRC origin–China–under license of: BIJOUX SOUTH FASHION ACCESSORIES LTDA CNPJ, address and also Contains company Web site ”
I really liked the packaging, I found very pretty and delicate, but it’s not so different from the others.What pleased me most was the enforcer, he is firm and has the ideal format to bend the eyelashes according to INVESTTOPS.COM.
The content is not very consistent, to tell you the truth, I can’t tell what does it look like, but it’s a little thin, not very. Lol! Has 15 ml.
Well, after describing a bit about this mascara, will show whether it really gives the effect of false eyelashes and let me tell you what I found!
Come on!
So, what do you think? I bet even I!!

People gave the effect of false eyelashes and spent some four layers and still used the trick of compact powder, lol. Maybe it will look better if it is used at the same time the other mask; that’s what I always do, I use two different and already got better results than using only this that already promises to such effect.
Strengths: despite not having given the expected effect I kind of liked it because it gave an elongated eyelashes on and even being waterproof she leaves with ease at the time of remove, another plus point is that it has a good price, I can’t tell if is of easy access, but here in my town I bought at Angel’s Make-ups.

Negatives: didn’t the effect of false eyelashes and it takes a while to dry.
So, guys, those were my views about this mascara, you knew? Comment, leave your suggestions and you can share this post with your friends too!