Mathematics Explain The Myth That Women Synchronized Our Periods

We have been hearing it for years and even joked about the fact that when several women spend much time together their periods are synchronized due to pheromones. However, an article published in New Scientist by neuroscientist Simon Oxenham comes to pull down this myth and others related to our menstrual cycle.

A myth to add to all those around the female rule and making that in some countries of the world may pass things as curious as they prohibit you to swim in a pool, or, at the other end of the scale, give you days off in those days of the month.

But so far there is no conclusive studies about the fact that women sincronizásemos our periods as if they were watches and we were organizing to purpose. They were just rumors without any scientific basis.

But in his column published in New Scientist, Simon Oxenham, has come to dispel the myth of the synchronization of menstrual cycles once for all women and using mathematics to make it!

According to Oxenham the real reason is not that the hormones control our lives and to organize: “if we imagine two women with cycles of 28 days each, the maximum time that would otherwise be sub-optimal would be 14 days. On average, we would expect to be only 7 separate days, with a 50% chance that are even more closely aligned. If we assume that menstruation lasts an average of five days, it is not surprising that in a group of friends/colleagues/family coincide at the same time frequently.”

This neuroscientist also He has challenged other myths about the rule. For example, women feel attracted by different types of sexual partners depending on the day we’re our cycle. A myth that already knocked the University of Southern California when scanned up to 58 different scientific studies and came to the conclusion that Yes, women preferred male men, with faces strong and symmetrical, but that had nothing to do with the time of ovulation.

The truth is that There are so many traditions and myths related to the period that if the scientists studying them all would not never to check what to believe and what not. Or if we animásemos us to read everything that is published on the subject, as an example, this publication which says that men are better than women themselves to detect when one of us we have the period.

It is a cultural (and sometimes up to religious) theme that much attention and generated discussions at all levels, including the political.


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