Maternity Wear for Holidays

The year-end holidays are not the easiest to live for pregnant women periods. We’re tired, we can eat (almost) anything, and especially, you have nothing to wear… Don’t worry, dear friend, same enclosure to the teeth, we found THE solution to make you beautiful and sexy for the holidays of end of the year.
The holiday for years, is not (always) the top when you’re pregnant…

Because you don’t have a right to enjoy this wonderful foie gras which you arms or beautiful oysters that make you eye.

Because you’re going to have many people who will take pleasure in touch you belly.

Because you’d kill for a little glass of champagne.

Because you’re tired (too) and you want to nose at 21:07.

Because you want to cry: too emotional, too many hormones!

Because you’re sweating a lot… in the middle of December.

And especially because you’re going to spend hours to find THE outfit in which you’ll look like the least possible to roast pork too put together.

There like that you do a little this gray mine (and you should) but we the Mums funny, we promise (Yes Yes I swear) you’ll be CANNON.

How is this possible tell me you? Thanks to the iconic brand of ready-to-wear clothing for women pregnant :

To strawberry, it’s the ultimate hope to finally have easy, elegant and comfortable outfits for you! Program: pregnancy dresses sexy pretty necklines, combinations and style tailors… In short everything to be trendy!

And as desire of Strawberry think before all of you MOM, the designer Anne-Laure Constanza imagined outfits in which you feel super comfortable despite your big belly.

To discover the superb collection desire of Strawberry, it’s here :

We are particularly fans of the dress Rachel and Danny dress.
So who will be the most beautiful for the holidays year-end? Bah you!
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