Maternity Fashion Tips

  1. What is the difference between leggings covering the belly and leggings below the belly?

Leggings covering the belly suits to be worn under a dress. As there is no edge elastic at the hips, legging it will not be visible through the dress. Leggings beneath the belly has an elasticated edge below the belly, providing some support to the belly; it is comfortable if you want to wear short layers on your belly.

The skinny is tight around the legs and tight around the ankles. The skinny is tight around the legs, but less tight around the ankles.

  1. What is the advantage of a maternity dress?

According to holidaysort, the advantage of a maternity dress is that the front side is longer and cut round the hem, so the dress will stay straight when your pregnancy progresses, and does not rise.

  1. What about the T-shirts of pregnancy?

The same goes for T-shirts pregnancy, again before the side is longer and cut into round at the base, so that the shirt nicely covers the stomach and does not go back. Worn over pants pregnant, a pregnancy shirt fit better. As the waistband of pregnancy falls below the belly, the belt will be visible when wearing an ordinary T-shirt. The T-shirt pregnancy is longer than an ordinary T-shirt for women, so it will fall over the waistband.

  1. Normally I accentuate my waist, how to do it when I’m pregnant?

During pregnancy, your body changes, and sometimes we will have to get used to it. Your size moves called your “pregnancy size.” Your pregnancy size is below the breasts, the narrowest point during your pregnancy. By emphasizing this point with a thin belt or ribbon, you focus on the narrowest part of your body and also on your belly.

Council : if you tie a ribbon beneath your breasts, be sure to place the bow on the side of your belly, not the middle.

Council : If you have a dress or a shirt with a hide-heart, set the line node with the heart and seek.