Maternity Fashion Summer 2014

Fashion tips for pregnant women-summer 2014

The gestation period is the time when a woman’s body go through several changes. This reflects, of course, in choosing the clothes, because not everything looks good or is comfortable. If you are pregnant and want tips for mounting beautiful, charming and looks comfortable to use this summer, follow:

Pregnant women can use many different parts, just be creative time to assemble the productions.Among the best pieces to use this summer are the long skirts and shirts, race types or basic t-shirt.You can have a long black skirt and wear it with several different blouses, since the white race to a Paisley shirt super different.

The trick is to use the skirt always below the belly with their tops on the inside of the skirt. So the belly is prized in the right way. Printed skirts are also a great option, simply combine them with flat tops. And as the stamped are strong this summer, how about investing in a pair of woven with ethnic designs or tile arabesques? Looks great.

The hot pants jeans are also great for pregnant women, especially in moments of leisure. Look for a model that stay cool on your waist or even bet on specific models for pregnant women, who have one elastic band across the belly. Combines also with shirts and tops, so smooth as printed. The hint to leave the more sophisticated visual and even disguise the weight gained in pregnancy is to combine an open blazer on the Babyinger. It can be colored or neutral in tone, as black and white.