Maternity Fashion Ideas for Winter

For all those that are already frozen but did not want to make a heart attack to their banker, here are five tips for the cold weather pregnant without breaking!
Tip 1: The overlay

Do you know that it is better to increase the layers of tissue rather than bundle up in a big jacket for the cold weather? Solution that will fix all those who at 1 month of childbirth, do not necessarily want to invest in a coat special maternity. Then we overlay! Sweater + leather jacket open and a big jacket oversize to keep bottle warm!

Tip 2: XXL scarf

You’ll find tons in maternity shops from maternityguides and at cheap prices. PLEASE, dear funny mum, banished the IKEA plaid in which you do a hole for your head (words of MDD, some of them have already fact). It really isn’t glam, so better lay it flat you stole and roll you into it as if it were a poncho!

Tip 3: Big socks wool!

When the feet are warm, as is the rest of the body. So exit, ballerinas and other shoes, which only support the mid-low and prefers sneakers, boots and ankle boots in which you can drag a good big good thick socks to keep your feet warm.

Tip 4: Cap!

Ditto for the foot, the head must be kept warm because 30 percent of our body heat escapes through here, so as to save it right? Luckily, the time is always the wide-brimmed hat in felt or woollen hat! We zapped the Peruvian caps (very nice but a bit too colorful), and we hide his skull in a nice marine Cap!

Tip 5: Let’s move!

We’re all in the point mode but in the movement! Remain static, to shrink a bit more, still the best way to freeze more. So we walk, we raise his hands from his pockets, well throw his arms during the walk! OK girls?