Maternity: Beautiful and Fashionable even With Your Belly!

You know, men prefer thin women, fit and with few curves. They are increasingly rare in the boys who say they prefer the woman of flesh, shapely and well-placed. I am a supporter of the forms, the full and not empty.. the substance, in fact. And you? What you tell me about it? What is certain is that this is one of the great debates in the history of beauty. It is also certain that when we speak of roundness due to the state of an attractive woman, everything changes. And in this I must admit that men fail to appreciate a beautiful and potbellied woman. And God forbid, you say. Lately then I must say that it really seems there has been an ” epidemic ‘of pregnancies, I see them everywhere, in newspapers, on TV, co-workers and girlfriends pregnant. But it always happens more often hear questions like “and now what to wear?”.


It is clear that some “crisis” Initial surely can happen to all, let’s face it. For the lucky ones who manage to keep a fairly threadlike line for the first months, the choice of course is easier, you wear the same clothes, perhaps avoiding excessively tight jeans or trousers. But after … after you have to virtually rebuild the wardrobe starting from shoes and ending with T-shirts and overcoats. I accompanied a friend to go shopping some time ago and I very much appreciated the choice of clothes offered by Benetton who has dedicated a line entirely to pregnant women.

very simple clothes, with wide lines, comfortable but especially fashionable. For those of us who are accustomed to want to be always in order and want to change style often I recommend you wear long, loose clothing, along with cardigan or trench, which in this time of year is our lifesaver.


I honestly do not appreciate too skimpy outfits and scollacciati, when it’s up to me I will try to be discreet and feminine at the same time. A woman in “the period” of his activities is already beaming with her, expressing happiness and femininity with eyes … he does not need so much to expose her body in my opinion. You thinking about it? Increasingly, however, it noted the opposite trend especially among soubrette and women of the show that you know, are the most frequently observed and (alas!) Imitated.

I really appreciate the looks worn by Kim Kardashian, a woman who manages to emphasize its roundness really very well not ever falling into the vulgar.

Or Beyonce, who with a look a little dandy sparkling and feminine has failed during a performance to leave everyone open-mouthed for its discreet style. My advice is to stay sober and to try not to exceed, in these cases just really a colored lipstick yarn and maybe a soft dress accessorized with necklaces and bracelets, to be perfect, chic and absolutely irresistible!