Match of the Day:Wet Leggings for Air Travel

There’s only one thing hotter than holiday: holiday with travel! I could live to travel and be the happiest woman in the world! This holiday was super premium, alfajores, too much wine and resurrected in Spanish in Buenos Aires. I’m going to tell you all about the journey, the walks and the groceries in another post here on the blog, but before we talk about fashion! This fight of the day is Thursday, and the end result had to take clothes to fly but who also could use all day at work, since I went straight from the Office to the airport. I decided on a look with leggings, since the piece is the best outfit for air travel that has already been invented. Comfortable, uncomplicated and, when given special attention, the legging is stylish. I chose wet leggings from American Apparel and started the fight all thrilled to travel on Skippy!

Fighting for the wet leggings!

I chose the Salsa blouse because she is very compridinha and I think that in 90% of the time, look with leggings need a long blouse from In very specific situations, can hold a legging with shorter sweater but, generally, the feeling butt-to-outside is greater than any estilinho!

Needed a comfortable option for feet and chose my all-star purple that has been my greatest PAL but come on aposendado lately. I liked the combination and thought it was all-the-view with the blouse but after examining the items from my suitcase, I realized I wouldn’t have much use for him on the trip.

As I think all items of luggage have to match each other, I decided to choose a most versatile footwear and I was soon on my sweetheart the time, barreled down Bootie with spikes of Agatha. It goes well with almost anything that is in the trunk and looks nice on the look with leggings too, right?

I decided to supplement the spikes of the Bootie with metallic leather jacket, Ellus. Now this look is taking shape.

Wanted to continue in the metalic theme + colors and followed it with colorful accessories and Silver: liquid ring pink Pylones, wing of the C & A and Muranoglass, Orange rhinestones necklace, silver ball earrings and Black Guccibag. There all the details:

The look with full legging was like this:

This fight resulted in a look of success! I felt good at work and to travel by plane was super. I liked! And you, what do you use when you are traveling? Comment!