Maserati Time: Fashion And Luxury

Elegance, design, impressive architecture and luxury is what we see in the Soumaya Museum of the city of Mexico, so this was the perfect setting to discover the new collection of watches Maserati arriving in our country, each clock reflects the sophisticated design, innovative solutions, and the attention to detail that Maserati models inspire, this becomes in the features of the new collections of watches.

Our #EnviadoEspecial Mario López tells us that “enclosure was illuminated in blue and with an act of illusionism that reminded us of our childhood and that the time, does not have time went to discover the collections of Maserati time Pontenza, ironer, speed ‘, Eccellenza, Passione, Trident, Stile, Competizione and Plancia, every loving man of these cars must have, all this accompanied by the sound of the Maserati cars which captivated the audience for design and aesthetics”.

Eccellenza: time of elegance. It is a collection of watches of the first category with a unique and essential style, where the harmony between design and technology is the key. Chronographs with belts, fine leather that stand out for their elegant and sporty character.

Calender: clock made Motorsport art. The models are enriched by specific patterns in the areas that remind the world of the automobile. Heritage and Classic soul of Maserati manifest themselves in on the clock dial. Auto grill undisputed design embellishes clock, which also arises with rose gold accents in PVD. The Trident of the firm is located in belts of rubber or leather, achieving an extraordinary aesthetic.

Potenza: the ultimate expression of sportsmanship in clocks. Innovation that combines competitive design originated in the world of racing. A 42mm stainless steel case shows the iconic emblem of Maserati.

The adrenaline of tracks arrives with MASERATI Velocita. Noted by the many details that they will capture the hearts of lovers of watchmaking. They present leather straps with stitching in contrast or steel mesh. In addition to iconic cars Maserati, occurs in PVD brass, bezels of rubber or carbon fiber. The unusual shape of the box is a clear reference of the front of Maserati vehicles.

Something very characteristic of the watches are the elements most prestigious of the history and heritage of the Maserati company and which will be the center of the stage in the Collections. From the logo of the pitchfork in the field and Crown of all lines, Grill and rims of the wheels of the cars that also beautify the bottom of dials for watches with unique identity.

So if you’re thinking about change of watch #Onlymen or make a gift soon, this might be a great option. Thank you to the #EnviadoEspecial the power to share us this experience filled with luxury and sophistication made time.