Martial Art for Fitness

I want to Enjoy my Next Sport Really makes a Martial art That is Truly Effective in real Situations!

First, an example:
A real street fight usually lasts only two or three seconds … If the fight for these few seconds is not clear and it is really always decided who will emerge victorious. In a real fight is not an option because you lose because you never know when attackers will stop. The main street is that your attacker as soon as possible! Preferably within a few seconds because the streets get no second chance!

The above sounds strange to most people’s ears. A fight in the street usually takes only a few seconds. Still, it’s 100% true. Which sports fall down when it comes to high efficiency in real situations? All martial arts have something when needed and the confidence you exude also helps avoid awkward situations .. But in my opinion, fall martial art tae kwon do, judo, aikido and boxing out immediately if there are only about efficiency. Assuming that a sport should be over in a few seconds, so you have nothing to tae kwon do because you are the first few seconds everything is a waste of energy by bouncing back and forth. I think it’s something 75% of all land combat ends where you have a good judo judo but without the use of blows. Aikido .. as you do so well mastered want you really have something that will last a long time before it’s time. Boxing is in my opinion not complete enough and this does not immediately go into the first second to kill.
Sports like Krav Maga and freefight well for themselves on the streets. There are also forms of karate and Thai boxing made for use in practical situations.
A very effective martial art Wing Chun. It is certainly not a beautiful sport to watch. It is therefore not a demonstration sport. Wing Chun can be seen as a stripped-down version of kung fu. All the beautiful and long graceful movements have been omitted. When Wing Chun is assumed that attack is the best defense. If you are attacked then curl you do not like most sports in your defense and counter-attack when you get the chance for it but you have to defend yourself to attack itself. The attacker will be surprised. He expects a defensive posture and not his opponent hit back as defensive … and certainly not the rising punches his way into a very high speed without any rest. Wnig Chun speed and technique, and it’s really not about power. It is about surprise and off your opponent for a few seconds. You fight a short distance and you penetrate you, go ahead… always with the super-fast kind. The opponent does not get a chance to think about how he would deal with this avalanche of sorts.Perhaps more importantly, he did not get the opportunity to deal with a possible weapon. The idea behind Wing Chun is also your opponent as quickly as possible. Also handy if your attacker is not alone. Especially in this case, it is necessary that the battle is over quickly and you can not jump back and forth, and the occasional leg throws.
Wing Chun was developed during a civil war in Hong Kong for the sole reason … defend yourself well in the public space, in small alleys and even if you are literally standing with his back against the wall! Not as a demonstration sport.
You should think carefully what sport you choose and for whatever reason you choose a sport. Do you do it because you like the sport, and you want to learn to like it or you do it because you want to learn how to defend yourself as well. Wing Chun is a martial art that works! Sportingology approximates the absolute ultimate martial arts much.
I wish you luck in finding the right sport. Take your time and immerse yourself in it.