Manual of Etiquette in Maternity

Due to the success of the post “label in children’s Party” of my friend Renata’s Blog For Moms that I published last week, decided to republish my post “label on Motherhood” updated. It’s been over 2 years since I published the first time, and with the arrival of Manu, I decided to update it in the vision of who has 2 children.

It may be that many of my comments you don’t agree. But based on my own experience, I thought it was important to report certain issues that occur in the maternity ward and the visits to my house and that we only notice after you have kids according to Maternityguides.Com.
It’s almost a Handbook of good manners for the visitor gathering overly neurotic issues, until attitudes that a simple education requires. Of course, you have no way to enforce any of these matters, but you can ask for a hand to your husband, your mother, or any trustworthy person who is most of the time in the room with you and the baby. And even share this manual to get somehow to your friends without kids!
Although a lot of people turn the hospital room in a scenario with decoration, candy, flowers and souvenirs, we have to remember that hospital room is not a ballroom, and that the host is a woman who just had a baby, you need to rest, eat and breastfeeding. And the baby, which in most hospitals is practically the whole time in the bedroom, is a serzinho unprotected, has no vaccines, and need for hygiene and comfort.
So below is my manual!

-Alcohol Gel: All rooms of motherhood has at the entrance a device with alcohol gel. Entered the room, before greeting his mother and see the baby, alcohol gel on your hands.
-Visiting hours: As much as the family communicates the birth then wait at least 24 hours for a visit. Don’t even think about going on the day of delivery unless you are very intimate and the mother make issue of your presence. Schedule-wise, today most hospitals allow visits to almost 10:00 of the night. Give name a ‘ score ‘ to visitors between 14.00 and 19.00 hrs. So you don’t run the risk of arriving at meal times. Avoid arrive after 19.00 hrs unless you’re very close. Mom’s day starts very early and at the end of the day she’s tired. So how best to visit on motherhood than in the family home. Who had a baby knows what are the first few days at home. You’re ZERO in order to fix, to buy something to serve or even be chatting. The little time you want more sleep or relax in your corner. And remember visiting in hospital is quick tour!

-Crowded Room: If you go into the room and they have all over the couch or chairs busy, ask mom if she wants you to wait a little until you can get in. Don’t sit or bags and gifts in Mommy’s bed. Remember that you came from the street and is in a hospital.

-Scents and Perfumes: If you will visit a baby, remember to not put perfume or not smoke before entering the room.
-Get the baby: Don’t ask me to take the baby in any way. No sense be taking in a baby so little and most mothers don’t you think it’s funny to pass your lap baby in her lap. So, just get the baby if the mother offers, and only if you feel comfortable doing. And of course, always put a diaper on the shoulder.
-Children: If you don’t have where to drop their small children and have to take them to visit, ask before mom if she bothered by the presence of these children in the room. Still, I can’t find anything polite. If you are in between a couple at a time while the other waits with the kids outside. The rooms are usually small, run, child’s messy, take the baby, all without evil …, but many mothers mind. Also, pay close attention if your son didn’t have a virus or flu case has had recent, no way to enter the room!
-Gifts: Entered the room, let the present in some corner and talk to mom: I’m going to leave this here. Don’t ask at all for her open or keep telling why you chose that gift. Often the mother is super tired, don’t want to open anything. And that is why there are the cards! (anyone who wants my collection will be honored!!!!) Always leave a card in the gift for the mom to read later. And listen to a coisinha…se you know you’re going to see a baby who has a little brother bigger, take a little something for him. Who had 2 sons son knows how much the first feel left out when you get nothing. Realized how much those who have 2 or more children because several friends when they came to visit me in the second daughter, brought a gift for the Manu and souvenir for Bruna.
-Flowers: If you bring flowers as a gift, let the flowers outside the room with a card. Especially if they are those huge arrangements. Flowers in small environments with babies, it is not recommended and nothing. Some flowers release pollen, can give allergy, and bring ants or little land. Don’t worry because mom will see your present and the card afterwards!
-Souvenir: If souvenir was to distribute in your House, there would be a calculation of amount. So take just 1 souvenir and don’t talk: can I get one for my daughter? Unless the mother offers to take you to other people, take only your. It’s very embarrassing, because mom will never talk about that “can’t take”. And mother always calculate souvenir. If any guest ask to take another, goes missing at the end.
-Husbands: If your husband goes along and the baby’s father to offer a drink to celebrate, let him just give the toast in the bedroom, and then drink and chat outside. Maternity room is not Pub. And although the men like to celebrate with friends, remember that mom booked is at rest and all that you want to pass away is boys ‘ Club within your room.
-Breastfeeding: despite many moms breastfeed in front of others, I find it very polite when the nurse brings the baby, the guest leave spontaneously saying that returns when mom finished. Unless you’re very friendly and mother piece for you to stay. And avoid giving opinions of how to hold, how to get, how to burp if the mother is.
And you who have already had children, identified themselves with this post and have something more to add? or found too much???