Makeup Tricks to Tune Face and Nose

Not all women have the traits they have asked of God and this is no secret to anyone! But what to do when one is not happy with the shape of the face, the nose or the mouth?! Cry?! No! There are very simple ways to accept by valuing what is good and improving what is not so cool.

One of these forms, perhaps the most famous, is through Makeup Tricks. These tricks have several purposes and in this post we are going to give some tips to those who want to tune their face and nose besides enlarging their eyes and mouth. Check out the step by step and the tips:

Makeup Tricks

How To Increase Mouth And Eyes

To enlarge your mouth you need to reshape the lips with a lipstick-like colored pencil. You need to redraw your mouth the size you want (but do not overdo it).

Then just pass the lipstick on your new big mouth.

Whoever has the small eye must pass a white pencil in the water line, the region almost inside the eye.

Then just pass the eyeliner close to the white pencil and enjoy your eyes of Juliana Paes.

Makeup Tricks

How To Tune Your Face And Nose

The key is to choose a darker two-tone base than your skin.

Apply this base around your face and nose extension (regions you want to “hide”).

Then apply the compact powder all over your face and that’s it!