Makeup Trends for Winter

Make to use in the cold

No mention of anything else. In times of fashion weeks, attention are all geared for 2012 winter trends. Have already been presented the concepts that will make success in the coldest season of the year, all on clothing, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup. As yet we cannot anticipate the winter shopping, because these parts haven’t arrived in stores, how about we stay inside of sets in question make? These trends can be copied at any time.

Makeup is all about cold, the station has an unmatched elegance. To make tends to last longer, because we’re not sweating the whole time and then you can invest in more elaborate productions for the day to day. The skin receives total focus at the station, since we can use and abuse of the bases. In the summer it happens the other way around, as we’ve been with healthy face because of the brass, you don’t need to perfect both in coverage.

Then, speaking in trends, firstly the pale skin, with a little texture, matte satin is a little aside, explained by shoppingpicks. Light base can be a trend, but it varies from person to person, according to the needs of your skin. In the eye, we can see the day very simple productions, with pastel colors and even some colorful tones such as blue and yellow. Already for the night, the shadows have great strength and appear in dark shades, preferably with very bright. The line pulled at the outer corner of the eye, such as “kitten” seems to come back with everything. A lot of eyelashes and mouth mask, the shades of lipstick from nude to the wine.