Makeup Tips for Summer

Hello girls,

today I would like to imagine my make up tips for the summer or late summer. You will get info on how you can a great summer look for the face conjure up from me. My tips primarily for the blond guy with lighter skin are suitable, but of course the makeup tips can try also Brunettes. It is important for me that it must be easily and rapidly with make-up. Tried it just, it is ideal to go to!

My favorite make up for the day and evening

  • Estée Lauder BB (moisture makeup – all day glow)
  • Eyebrow pen of essence or MAC
  • Light Pearl powder by essence summer
  • Eyeshadows by Dior or Lancome
  • Kajal pen of essence
  • Maybelle, Dior or benefit mascara
  • Highlighter by benefit
  • Lip gloss from Lancome, Clinique or Escada

Makeup Tips for Summer 1

Makeup Tips for Summer 2

Makeup Tips for Summer 3

Approach to make-up: step by step

  1. Step: Basic care/Foundation – base (Estée Lauder BB)

Daywear plus sheer tint release SPF15 – face care by Estée Lauder

As a first step I take like Estee Lauder as a base. It is a slightly tinted care which is absorbed quickly and looks natural. This great cream adapts to every type of skin, softens the skin and gives a great summer complexion. It is also suitable for every skin type.

  1. Step: Foundation powder

Powder pearls with Sheen pigments of P2

I use next for a slightly tanned look powder pearls with Sheen pigments from P2. Just easily spread over the whole face with the brush. There’s a bright and shiny complexion.

  1. Step: Eyebrows

Eyebrow stylist set


Eyebrow tools Mac

Here I fluctuate between eyebrow stylist set of essence which it carries on with a brush and the makeup tools from songaah. Make sure that you naturally draws the eyebrows, gives more shape of the brow and creates volume. Here, you can work either with a brush or a brush. Retighten the eyebrows (especially with a light skin tone) definitely not neglect, which is very important for the entire visual appearance and gives the face contour.

  1. Step: Eyes – eyeshadow

Eye shadow: 5 COULEURS 609 Earth reflection of Dior

Continue with my make-up tip for the eyes. Here, I’m very much the Eyeshadows by DIOR (5 colors) or Loncome (color design eye brightening all-in one 5 shadow & liner palette) and am excited about.Here is worth every invistierte euro.

  1. Direct under the eyebrow the brightest color use as a highlight. Opens & visually enlarges the eye and the views.
  2. On the movable lid the second brightest color apply and about the pink tone. Now the colors mingle easily. One of the dark tones is in the crease. This combination allows greater impact your eye.
  3. For more expression I use still a Pencil: p2 cosmetics 100% black khol kajal long lasting – color: 010 blackest black, eyeliner.
  4. I use finally for eyelashes – for me the most important step – mascara. First, I ink the lower lashes, then the top. Why I am doing this in order, I can’t tell, probably this is habit.It has nothing to do with the result to do. I enjoy working with a curved mascara brush which gives volume and is a lovely form my eyelashes. Here I’m using Collossal Volum’ express of Maybelle or by DIOR. Another secret make-up tip is the benefit mascara.

Has anyone of you a make up tip, mascara up not smeared on the eyelid?

  1. Step: Blush

This is of course a matter of taste, but my absolute favorite abstractions are of benefit, E.g. the Sugarbomb Powder. How I wear the gloss powder? Just spread all over your face and emphasize particularly the cheekbones. The skin looks really fresh and radiant.

  1. Step: Lips

Juicy tubes lip gloss ultra shiny 31 Peche

I use mostly Natural lip gloss colors that perfectly round off the summer look. In the summer the favorite peach – and Rosé tones, E.g. from Lancome, Clinique, or Escada.

Finished my (late) summer is look, which goes quickly and easily.

Which make up tips do you have for me?