Makeup in the Winter

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Makeup in the Winter

So slowly the weather change in direction is noticeable on my skin winter. It is dry and my lips like a layer of Bepanthen cream some extra care, E.g. times.

Also my make-up changed in the winter. In the summer I avoid rather creamy or liquid make-up because it is easy to sweaty on the skin. There, easily applied compact powder then enough with the brush. Now with dry heating air I take a liquid makeup very likes to, E.g. the minimal makeup from backstage. I can’t take that well and it can be flexibly inserted in the opacity.

The eyes I prefer rather less colour than in the summer. To the rather opaque makeup, even plenty of mascara, Rouge and lipstick in rosewood enough at the moment. In contrast, I get pleasure in perfume (advertising) just on more and wear my amber fragrance oil pur on the skin.

Since I’m short-sighted, I wear out of the House and at the Television glasses. Inside I take most them off, because I no can read better and work well on the PC. Outside, business occasions or formal outfits I wear contact lenses also likes, because I slightly more open effect without glasses and think it is in the summer easier to wear sunglasses when necessary.

In the winter, the contact lenses save me fogging of glasses. Since I rarely wear the lenses, I daily lenses, which require no cleaning, and disposed of after use. After I various daily lenses have tried in the past ten years, I landed in thanks to my optometrist at the Acuvue TruEye. They are still most likely at my dry eyes. Because the selection of suitable lenses with intense carrying checks by my optometrist is very time consuming, I find it only fair to buy the lenses. Who however adequately paid his optician or contact lens Advisor for advice, has acquired the right from my point of view it, to buy lenses online or cheaper elsewhere.

What is your winter makeup?

For this post with the links, I was charged and received an allowance. Thus, the post is an ad. Nevertheless, the post – as always – are again my honest, free and subjective opinion.