Makeup Fx: Keloids, Scars, Scratches and Cuts

Despite what may seem, this makeup is very easy to do and we need very few products for this purpose.

Step By Step
-Go to start impregnate us fingers with Vaseline in order to work with the dermawax in a comfortable way.
-It is important to not excessively manipulate the product so that it is not too engaging.
-Form an I churrito with the dermawax and place it on the area in which we want to simulate cutting.
-To smooth contours and properly attach the product on the skin, we will work with the utensils well impregnated with petroleum jelly. In my case, I did it with the handle of a fine brush, but they could be helping me a clamp, a spatula or the same fingers.
-We smooth external contours of the wound always outward from the same so everything is smooth complatamente.
-Once straightened, we matizaríamos in the case of wanting to do a keloid. If we wanted to make a scar, the relief should be smaller, but it would already also finished after nuance.
– But if what we want to simulate a cut, then not matizaríamos Vaseline still, but that with the help of a sharp tool and previously lubricated with Vaseline, practicaríamos an incision along all the dermawax, carefully.

-With a fine brush and a black supracolor we will give depth to the incision. We rellenaríamos black all over the Court without being overly polished, to give more realism.
-We limpiaríamos the black supracolor brush and with the same artificial blood impregnated, rectify again inside the incision and the foreign bordecitos of the same, to create volumes.
-Artificial blood. It is fairly easy to find on the market, but I leave here the recipe if you want to do it at home.
-With the help of a sponge texture, we slightly mancharemos the edges of the wound.
-If we drag the sponge lightly impregnated with artificial blood, we got a quick and easy way one scraped skin.
And as not everything will be cuts of veins, here you have another idea for who can help us with these simple steps.