Makeup for the Eyes, According to the Skin Tone

On other occasions we made reference to the shadow tones that must be used according to the color of the eyes you have. But, in addition, it is also important to consider the color of the skin when we choose the tone that more favors us.

Light-skinned women

Those with fair skin and light eyes (blue or green) should use shades of bright colours and esfumaçá them all over the eyelid to create an effect of depth in your eyes.
If you have light skin, but the eyes of dark color (Brown or gray), you should use shades of dark shades such as gold or land according to picktrue.
There is a style that looks good on you, no matter what color of eyes in this skin type. It’s smokey eyes, or, what is the same, smoky eyes. This technique consists of applying, among other things, a dark shadow that indefinite stay around the eyes and create an effect of mystery in the look that is very fashionable nowadays.
Women with brown skin or black
Those brown skin and light eyes should use shadows with light shades and dark-skinned women with dark eyes must wear earth tones or other dark colors, such as Brown.
Dark skin women have an eye shadow that highlights especially. The golden color is one of the favorecedores perfect for festive moments, which can be combined with a dress of the same tone with which you hit the jackpot. Are also compatible shadows of light colours for a contrast that looks really good.
Asian women
We must emphasize those almond eyes, which gives them a special exotic touch. So it is very important to use eyeliner and the shadows, they fall well both light colors such as dark, that you shall decide taking into account the color of the lips and the cheeks that you want to use.